Holiday Confidential With Miranda Kerr!

It pretty much goes without saying that 2012 was a big year for Miranda Kerr!  The stunning Angel has spent the better part of the year topping nearly every tastemaker’s Best Dressed list, all the while landing a new Mango campaign, earning Esquire’s “sexiest woman alive” title and walking in what was arguably the most spectacular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to date!  Despite her seemingly non-stop supermodel agenda, we managed to squeeze in some one-on-one time with Miranda, to get the scoop on how she’ll be celebrating her marvelous year this holiday season.  While giving us a taste of what she’ll be serving up at her family’s Christmas Day feast, the hard-working mum also let us in on her favorite beauty winter skin fixes and her all time favorite Christmas present from Orlando.  And don’t miss Miranda’s best-kept secrets to getting in shape the model way just in time for your own post-holiday workout.  For all of the juicy deets check out our exclusive interview with Miranda below!

Do you know where you’ll be celebrating the holidays this year?

We’re still trying to decide.  We might be in London or America.

What’s on your wish list this year?

Just to spend good quality time with my family.  And just have a good time with my son.  He doesn’t really know what Christmas is yet, but I’m sure he’ll be excited with all of the yummy food around, and being with us, and singing Christmas carols.  I’m sure he’ll like that.

Do you have any special holiday traditions with your family?

We like to cook a lot! Mostly really healthy, organic food.  I have very fond memories of being at my grandmother’s house and her playing the piano and there would be presents everywhere!

What will you be cooking for the occasion?

My roast chicken— that’s my favorite recipe.  You can get the full recipe on my blog, but it’s just coconut oil, garlic, onion a bit of turmeric, and you just slow roast the chicken.  So I’ll be doing that with lots of fresh vegetables.

Do you have a favorite Christmas present?

Yes, it was when Orlando and I were at the Ritz in Paris and we were writing love notes to each other and then one Christmas he framed them all and gave them to me as a gift.

Any tips for staying healthy during the holiday season?

Generally, I’m about 80% healthy and 20% indulgent and that really works for me. So, if I want something I only have a little bit of it, I don’t feel like I have to over indulge in it. I would also say just stay active.  Go for a walk or a hike with your family and friends.  Make it fun.   Whatever works for you when you exercise,  you can make it fun especially if you get your friends involved, which is perfect for the holiday season.

What sort of workout do you like best?

Well, I’m quite consistent with my workout.  For the show though, I did amp it up a bit, you know doing a lot more squats and resistance training and Pilates.  I do have a little secret though, and that is doing the plank pose and holding that for a good like 15-20 minutes while moving from your side to back down on your elbows and back up on your hands again.  If you can do that for like 15 minutes that’s a full body workout!  It really just gets all the muscles.  And for me it’s all about good music.  I have to have good music going and then I can have fun.  And something that I’ve really gotten into recently, which I didn’t even know could be so fun, is just putting the music on— like hip-hop because I love that— and getting low and just start shacking to the beat while staying low.  And I can have the music on while my son is dancing around but I’m just shacking and working out.  It’s a really good workout.

Any favorite songs to workout to?

I love Drake and The Motto—that’s a really great one to get down and dance to.  It’s really cool.

Any beauty tips for the holiday season?

For me it has always been about the skin, and keeping it fresh and clean and hydrated for the winter months especially.  My favorite thing is my Rosehip Body oil, which contains all of your fatty acids and it’s high in vitamin C—  that’s really the secret to my skin.  I always cleanse and moisturize and I make sure to keep it well-nourished.

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