How to Dress Like a Model

By Bianca Posterli

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Not everyone is lucky enough to work with a stylist or have fashion designers on their speed dial like models. But just because you don’t have an unlimited budget or easy access to high fashion certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t cultivate your own personal style and still look stunning. Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson shares her tips on how to look and feel amazing, no matter what your limitations.

Power Jewelry

“Wear a really big piece of statement jewelry that you love. Get something vintage from your mom or an antique store, or even Target, which has great bold jewelry. I’m talking about necklaces or earrings. Rings are fantastic, but they don’t have the power to transform your look.”

Give Your Old Clothes a New Life

“You have a cotton tank dress that you got three years ago from the Gap, let’s say it’s turquoise. You’ve worn it with flip-flips, sandals; you love it, you love the way it looks. To wear it to a big event, cut a hole through the top of the tank and feed a necklace through it. The whole DIY trend is really big. I often go into my closet and find things to alter. You can go to your tailor and make long sleeves into three-quarter sleeves. I like taking sleeves off. And if it’s really short, I’ll add a layer from something else around it. Think about what you have and dream around it. Take something that you love and think, Because I love this piece, now I have to think about it in a new way and manipulate it.”

Think of Accessories in a New Light

“Clothes are not precious. You can take what you have and make a fresh new look just by incorporating accessories. Take a necklace that you love and sew it to an amazing grosgrain to give it a new look, or tie the necklace around your waist as a belt. You could even attach it to a tank, creating a new life.”

Doutzen and Alessandra work their arms on the runway. Photo by Getty Images.

Doutzen and Alessandra work their arms on the runway. Photo by Getty Images.

Take a Chance

“Model style is all about taking chances. It’s about making a statement. Whether your nails are purple or you have tons of liner on or you’re wearing neon pink, model style is about being brave and taking chances while embracing your body.”

Have Confidence

“It doesn’t matter if you’re model thin. If you hold yourself with confidence, you have model style. Models know their bodies really well. If their legs are their signature, they work it. Douzten Kroes shows her arms. You know what you love best about your body and how to show if off. Model style is about having confidence in your skin, knowing what you love about your body and flaunting it.”

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