I'm With Coco (Rocha)

Are you a bit confused about the whole I’m With Coco phenomenon going on?

Yeah, we are too. Without fail, every single time we read those words, we start thinking about Coco Rocha. With every Tweet and news story about the red-haired TV host, we’re assuming a tidbit of info about Coco Rocha will emerge. You’d think we’d learn, right? Supermodel obsessed.

But of course it means Conan O’Brien. And tonight history will be made as he takes the stage to greet his fans and entertain the public with his humor for the last time. After the world spent hours—days—abuzz over the Jay Leno and Conan drama, finally the late-night television spectacle will come to an end, and everyone will say goodbye to The Tonight Show as we now know it.

Can we request that NBC replaces Conan with our supermodel star Coco?

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