Irina Shayk Makes Major Moves Into the World of High Fashion!

Russian beauty Irina Shayk may be better known for her Sports Illustrated spreads and numerous swimsuit campaigns, but it’s the world of high-fashion modeling that has this stunner’s attention as of late!  Since we last spoke with the SI cover girl, Irina’s been busy racking up a number of fashion credits, earning a VS cover, shooting a sexy dance-inspired spread in this month’s CR Fashion Book with Alessandra Ambrosio and Mob Wives‘ Big Ang, even walking in her first ever Paris Fashion Week show as an exclusive for Givenchy!  Not too shabby for a girl who told us only last September that she was beginning to transition into more high-fashion types of modeling.  With her bombshell good looks, sinuous curves and an incredible work ethic, Irina has quickly risen the ranks among today’s top models and something tells us this is only the beginning!

Following the success of her breakout Fashion Week season and her best-selling 2013 SI Swimsuit spread, we caught up with Irina to talk more about her major career move, the lessons she’s learned and what we can expect to see next.  And if that weren’t exciting enough, we also got the scoop on the A-list actress Irina loves to follow on Twitter and Facebook, the crazy behind-the-scenes moments from this year’s SI shoot and the top secret design project she’s been working on.  See our exclusive interview with Irina below along with a look at the model’s hilarious beach party video for CR Fashion Book!

1. You’re already well known for your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover/spreads, what led you to the world of high-fashion modeling?

I think that sexier models are coming back into the world of high fashion after a long time of super skinny models being “in.”
Personally for me it’s a very exciting and important transition and I am very excited about being a part of it.

2.  Have you learned anything new from focusing on high-fashion modeling?

First of all, I learned that it’s never too late to start – I did my first Givenchy exclusive show at the age of 27!

3. What was it like walking in Paris Fashion Week for one of the world’s biggest designers?  How did you prepare for that experience?

Walking in Paris fashion week was an unforgettable experience and I was honored to get to work with Givenchy and their amazing designer, Riccadro Tisci.  The hair and make up for the show was true art – it took almost 3 hours to create the intricate rose and mesh masterpieces that we wore down the runway!  To prepare for the show I followed my usual routine of eating healthy and working out regularly.

4. This month, you also appear in an editorial spread for CR Fashion Book.  What was it like shooting that spread with Alessandra and the cast? What was it like to work with Carine Roitfeld?

Working with Carine Roitfeld and Bruce Weber was always a dream of mine. I was so happy and excited when Carine picked me for the second issue!  Carine is a legend in the world of fashion, and I have always admired her work!  She has an amazing talent for discovering new supermodels and has a flawless eye for all things fashion related.  It was so nice to be with Carine on set and to be able to communicate in Russian; it was such a different and comforting experience.  As for working with Bruce, it was just an easy and exciting experience!  The rest of the cast for the shoot was amazing – Alessandra, Big Ang – it’s always fun to work with new people and participate in different kinds of shoots!  I think this shoot was one of the most important and exciting shoots of my career.

5. You’ve also just finished the launch tour for this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.  What was it like shooting this year’s issue?  Were there any wild behind-the-scenes moments during the shoot abroad?

I  have modeled for SI for the last 7 years, so I have tons of behind-the-scenes stories!  This year the funniest moments had to be when they told me I would be shooting with jumping horses!  At first I thought they were joking, I mean last year I shot with cheetahs, so I just thought they were messing with me!  I love horses, but I was scared to death shooting so close to one; luckily the whole team was so supportive and cheered me on the entire time.  I was just praying the horse didn’t come too close when I was wearing the swimsuits!

6. How do you maintain your curves and bikini-ready figure? What are some of your go-to fitness/diet tips?

For me the best tips are to be happy, eat healthy and work out a lot. I never diet and sometimes even eat junk food, but if I do, I do it in moderation and make sure to get to the gym as often as possible to make up for it!

7. Which would you rather model- swimsuit, lingerie or head-to-toe Givenchy?

I love to do them all and am so happy to be able to do just that!  I truly don’t think I could choose which I love more as they are all so different from one another!  The most important part is the team of professionals that supports me and helps to build my career; I am blessed to have great people around me.

8. You were recently ranked in the list of the Top Ten Most Followed Models on Twitter and Facebook.  Who do you like to follow on Twitter/Facebook?  Who are some of your favorite Tweeters?

Well this is the first I’m hearing of this so that is very exciting!  I love Facebook and I love to share pictures of my family and my life with my fans and followers.  I myself follow my friends and people who I admire. One of my favorite Facebook pages is that of Sofia Vergara, she is hilariously funny.

9. Finally, where would you like to see your career go from here?

I am a Capricorn and as all Capricorns I am very persistent and always working towards achieving my goals.  Right now I am concentrating on the high fashion world and working on my skills as a designer (I can’t say much yet but stay tuned for details on my new swimwear line).  Who knows what the future holds though, maybe one day I will want to become an actress?

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