It's Kate Times Eight!

Like most fashion obsessed, model crazed individuals, our coffee tables have officially been taken over by years worth of hefty fashion tomes celebrating everything from haute couture collections, to storied photographers, to our style mavens.  We’ve sacrificed valuable table space for these glossy books in the past, but come November, we’re giving them up- OK, we’re really just moving them to another room- in favor of Kate: The Kate Moss Book!  Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

Last month it was announced that in the fashion tome to end all fashion tomes, Rizzoli publishers would chart the iconic British supermodel’s glorious rise to fame through 488 pages of Kate imagery for the first time.  With the legendary model’s ex, Jefferson Hack, and famed casting director Jess Hallett at the helm, the collectable book is sure to be at the top of quite a few Christmas lists this year.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait until the winter months to see what the eight- yes, count them eight- covers will look like.  Now up for an early preview, the cover images include portraits of Kate dating as far back as her unforgettable shoot for ‘The Face,’ as well as her numerous Vogue international covers.  We’ve already deemed it pretty much impossible to choose just one cover to decorate our bare coffee table, but by all means, attempt the feat yourself by taking a look at all the covers below!

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