It's the Super Bowl, Support Your Team in Style!

Here at Modelinia, we tend to think that the Project Runway finale is the greatest televised event of the season, but even we’re not immune to the all-day food fest and athletic spectacle that is the Super Bowl!  While you may not be in it for the touchdowns, tackles and interceptions, the Super Bowl has a lot to offer in the way of pop-culture, including the year’s most expensive commercials ever and a halftime show that usually includes some sort of fashion fix- How could we forget Janet’s wardrobe malfunction or Madonna’s hip thrusting in a Versace leather leotard? The style bar is usually pretty low for Super Bowl parties, but don’t think you need to buy a jersey to support your team in winning style! This year the Baltimore Ravens will take on the San Francisco 49ers, which should provide for plenty of East meets West coast style. For Baltimore we picked some tough, black and gold pieces with a retro 60’s vibe, and for San Francisco we went with modern red an tan basics- plus a trench coat for SF’s rainy weather! Whatever team you’re rooting for show your support with these stylish pieces!

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