Jessica Stam Shares Her Best Travel Tips With Us!

We recently sat down with top model and world traveler Jessica Stam to catch up with her about her recent travel adventures and the jet-set tips she’s picked up along the way.  Whether she’s attending exclusive industry events stateside, or jetting off to Paris to walk in the Couture Week shows, Jessica is all too familiar with the stress of packing for numerous trips around the world and spending long hours on a plane- a headache we can all relate to! Along the way though, this seasoned pro has picked up a few handy tricks of the trade that she didn’t mind passing our way.  Read all about her travel essentials and best kept tips in our exclusive interview below!

We see that you were just in Paris for Couture Week. What was your favorite part of that experience?
Getting to visit Mr. Alaia and shop in his store. I love clothes and shoes and get excited whenever I attain new pieces for my wardrobe.  Also, I loved having the opportunity to view the Giambattista Valli couture and Valentino couture shows. They were each breathtaking and I know from walking in shows how much effort goes into designing and producing a couture outfit and a fashion show.

You seem to be traveling all the time for modeling jobs! What do you always have in your carry-on?
Passport, sweater, headphones,  a good book (right now its Fifty Shades of Grey), facial cleansing wipes, toothbrush & toothpaste, big water bottle.

What is your favorite accessory to wear on a trip, regardless of where you’re going?
I always fly in a comfortable dress and flats.  I love this one by LTR Brands for a redeye flight to Europe, Asia or the Middle East, its soft and cozy and chic. They also make great sweaters and cover-ups. Flying in jeans overnight is uncomfortable.

What is your go to in-flight pass time?
I like to read or sleep on a flight.  I take advantage of the quiet ‘me time’ and rest.

Do you have a packing strategy?
I have been traveling for modeling and thus packing suitcases for nearly a decade.  I now have it pretty much down to a fine art.  Before anything check the weather online of your destination.  Then I lay out the essentials, usually on my bed. Passport, work visa (if required) go straight into the purse.  I choose a suitcase and put it beside the bed, size is very important.  Toiletries, skin care, makeup, headphones, computer or iPad, work-out clothes and sneakers, perhaps a candle and portable speakers to make the hotel room feel at home. Then I count how many days I’ll be gone for, and lay out an outfit for each day, perhaps adding a couple of extra pieces so I can change my mind on what to where once I get there (socks and underwear for each day, bring extra).  Next is shoes/boots, try to match according to what outfits you’re bringing. Maybe a bathing suit? Maybe a winter jacket? Maybe some jewelry or accessories?

Have you ever had a crazy travel experience?
The craziest travel experiences have been the ones where nothing goes wrong!  Its never pleasant when a flight is delayed or rerouted or cancelled, but you have to just try to make the best of it because when you travel often it’s inevitable, and it’s nobody’s fault.

What is your dream vacation destination, and who would it be with?
Right now I dream of going to the middle east, I’ve actually never been! The closest I’ve come is Turkey or Morocco. I am interested in the culture, the music, the architecture and the landscapes/ nature.  I think it would be nice to go with my boyfriend and a couple of friends.

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