Jourdan Dunn Whips Up a Spicy Dish for her Debut Cooking Show!

Grab your oven mitts and preheat your ovens, because Jourdan Dunn is hopping off the runway and into the kitchen!

On the eve of her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut, the British beauty slipped on her chefs hat for the premiere of her highly-anticipated cooking show, Well Dunn, featured on Jay-Z’s Life & Times YouTube channel.  For her first webisode, the model mum showed off her fine-tuned cooking skills by whipping up one of her favorite dishes: Jamaican-style jerk pork, rice and beans and Caribbean salsa.

But while her food means serious business, Jourdan’s culinary showmanship is just as much about showing off her adorable, fun-loving personality as it is about her tasty treats.  While slicing and dicing garlic and mangoes, the catwalker also dishes on proper garlic crushing technique—”Just think of someone you hate… an ex-boyfriend. Bam!” — and what it was like to shoot Vogue Italia’s ‘All Black’ issue with Steven Meisel with Iman on set.

Although a pro in the kitchen, Jourdan reassures us that she has no plans of leaving the modeling game to become a model chef any time soon. “I’m not trying to become a ‘Model Chef,’ tweeted the Londoner after the show.  “I just wanted you all to see another side of me; cooking is just something I really enjoy doing.”

By the looks of the final product, we’d say she’s not half bad at it either! Watch Jourdan flaunt her Top Chef skills in the first episode of her new webseries below!

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