Julie Henderson's a Model Intern

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Staff members at Sport’s Illustrated were very lucky one day, as Julie Henderson offered her services to MJ Day as an intern for the afternoon. Modelinia asked Julie to recount her tasks, from filing papers to trying on new suits.

One afternoon last week after dealing with my in-box, I logged onto Twitter—the fashion industry’s new obsession. One of my favorite people to follow is MJ_Day—one of the editors for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I noticed that one of her Tweets was her wishing she had an army of assistants.

I looked at my schedule for the day to confirm I had the day off. Sure enough, I did! So I sent a Tweet to MJ offering my help in the office with whatever she needed.

From filing papers to coffee runs, I was open to being her intern for the day. She accepted, but also warned me that we had to work. There was no time to gossip and be silly. (We are a little notorious for that! Hehe, oops!) After the “disclaimer” was made clear, I assured her I was very much willing to be her slave for the day—no funny business.

An hour later I walked into her office and it looked like a bomb of swimsuits had exploded. MJ was at the middle of the mess, frantically taking calls and furiously responding to e-mails. Before she could tell me what my first task was, she haphazardly handed me the latest swimsuit portfolio coffee-table book for a little sneak peak… It was amazing!

My first intern task would require the collection of a box full of hangers that I would find in the swimsuit closest. I don’t think you can truly understand how palatial this closet is. But when I opened the door, my jaw literally dropped as it was bigger than my living room. More startling was that it was packed full of bikinis! As you can imagine, I was taken aback and stood there thinking I was in bikini heaven.

When I finally made it back to MJ’s office, we both sat on the floor and made our way through the sea of swimsuits. Then the gossip started! We sat cross-legged across from each other and playfully talked about boys, our future and current projects, and Parker, MJ’s son—possibly the cutest little redhead in the world, who’s also dabbled in modeling by starring in a Benetton ad! We headed back to the closet to hang all the swimsuits up, and while there, I began browsing through all of them, trying some on as we went. Even though MJ had strictly instructed “no fun,” I didn’t think this was in the job description! Oops!

At this point MJ and I decided we wanted to visit some of the other employees in the office. Our first victim: Scott Novak, head of Sports Illustrated PR. We all started to catch up and talked about some events he wanted me to be a part of, like going to a Penn State game and filming my SI booty camp training. After we left Scott’s office, we decided to go to one of the hotshots in the office, Mark Ford, president of Time Inc. MJ went into the office and casually asked if he wanted to meet her new intern. Little did he know it was one of his swimsuit models! Surprise! We all chatted about the swimsuit trip to Vegas, the U.S. Open, and margaritas—you know, the usual. By the time we left Mark’s office, it was time for me to head home.

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not really made to work in an office. I don’t think trying on bikinis while running around barefoot harassing the president and getting U.S. Open tickets (thanks, Mark!) qualifies me to work in a corporate setting. I don’t believe having a serious gossip session with the editor and playing matchmaker will look good on my résumé!

So there’s my story about my experience working as a Sports Illustrated intern for a day… Wait, I think I’m still wearing one of the bikinis!!


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