Justin Bieber Will Perform at This Year's VS Fashion Show and He's Already Causing Beiber Fever Among the Models!

It’s official ladies, our dreams are finally coming true! Justin Bieber will be performing at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and something tells us we’re not the only ones dancing around uncontrollably this afternoon!

A few months back, Candice Swanepoel admitted to us that when it came time to choosing this year’s performers, her vote was for Justin, adding “its got to be someone sexy and someone who can play with us.” And, she’s not alone on that. Karlie Kloss also confessed to us at her Fashion’s Night Out event that she was most excited to work with the serenading superstar  as the new host of MTV’s House of Style series.  It’s an epidemic people!

We’re just hoping that these pretty ladies don’t come down too hard with Bieber fever before the show. After all, there’s nothing we want to see more right now than a flock of Angels dancing side by side with the Biebs!

Don’t miss Justin on stage with fellow performers Rihanna and Bruno Mars at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Showairing December 4th on CBS!

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