Karlie Kloss Turns Speed Demon for Mercedes-Benz!

Well, this certainly is one way to get us thinking about cars.  Stepping off of the runway and into the driver’s seat, Karlie Kloss takes a starring role in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s latest short video now available on NOWNESS.com.

Shot by photographer Ryan McGinley across California’s Tejon Ranch, the video follows the Chloé-clad model as she burns the rubber to the sound of indie band DIV’s track “Doused.”  Feeling no doubt wild and free behind the wheel of her CLA cruiser, Karlie then makes an abrupt pit stop to make friends with a mysterious white horse, only to be left behind by the equally puzzling vehicle as it speeds off into the distance.  Strange? Yes.  But beautiful? You betcha!  And don’t worry. Karlie eventually catches up with the independently minded Benz, because let’s face it, who really wants to ride off into the sunset without the runway stunner sitting passenger side?

The video will be screened throughout Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin beginning January 17th, but you can catch the full version below.  As an added bonus, NOWNESS also caught up with Karlie to talk style both on and off the runway including her driving preferences (horse riding or horse power?) and beauty basics (red lip or au naturale?) See those answers and more here!

Mind of Its Own on Nowness.com.

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