Kate Moss and Rihanna Make Their V Magazine Debut!

You might recall a certain social media frenzy taking place a few months back involving none other than fashion icon Kate Moss and a certain pop superstar named Rihanna— perhaps you’ve heard of them?  As the story goes, Riri set off a Twitter storm when she tweeted pictures of herself posing with the supermodel using the hashtag #V, leading the rest of us only to assume that a V magazine editorial was in the works.  Well, put down the coffee and and step away from the copy machine because the March issue has finally been released and it reveals a lot more than just a sexy two-page spread.

Much to our surprise and utter delight, the dynamic duo were actually shot for the cover of the new issue, appearing even more fierce and overtly sexual than we could have ever imagined!  Shot by Mario Testino, the two superstars turn up the heat in a series of scantily-clad looks and S & M-esque poses that oddly enough, were brought to life by Kate’s young daughter, Lila Grace.

“I was a fan,” said Kate of the pop star, “but what really started it was my daughter and her friends running round the house singing all the words to her songs.” After a few chance encounters, Kate and Rihanna finally sealed the deal with Testino at a dress presentation held by Stella McCartney and the rest was history.

Of course, the March issue of V is just one of many recent covers for Queen Kate, who has also appeared near-naked in a bathtub for LOVE magazine, on three separate i-D covers and most recently, for W’s stunning three-part cover also featuring Lara Stone and Natalia Vodianova.  Add that to her recent Spring ‘13 campaign takeover and we’d say that it’s that Kate Moss reign that just won’t let up!

Catch even more of the saucy spread and behind-the-scenes video below, and see the full interview with the gorgeous cover girls at V Magazine!

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