Kate Moss is Our New Go-To Nail Guru!

Get this— not only does Kate Moss speak in public, but she also does nails!

In what has to be one of her chattiest interviews to date, Kate dished on all things nails-related, including a hidden talent we never saw coming.

“I’m really good at painting, and other people’s [nails], says Kate. “I like doing it. It’s one of the things I like to do on holiday - a line up of all the girls and make their nails look nice.”

Given that she’s spent her whole career having her nails done by some of the world’s leading beauticians, we’re not surprised that Kate has a thing for well-crafted nails, but dishing out manis herself, well that just might be Kate’s most shocking revelation yet!

Thankfully though, you don’t need to be in Kate’s inner circle to have her seal of approval on your next mani.  The longtime face of Rimmel was actually on set to mark the release of her new Super Pro Color Collection of nail polishes, curated by the British beauty herself.  This time around, Kate said choosing the shades come instinctively: “something would inspire me whether it’s, you know, a band or a film or some kind of character— Debbie Harry, you know in Studio 54.”

“Nails are a huge influence now, it’s part of the look now, it’s as much as the hair and make up,” adds the Rimmel girl.

And while Kate will forever remain the poster child of the London rock scene, when it comes to her own nails, the model admits, “I’m quite a neutral girl, so I think the Soul Sessions color (a pale beige-pink) I quite like, it’s done but not making a statement.”

No matter what shade you choose, Kate offers one steadfast rule for all ladies to follow: don’t match your lips to your nails!  “on a set it would be a big no no,” warns Kate.  “It’s always a clash.”  And as far as nail health goes, Kate suggests “eating well and juicing - the more vitamins you have the better the condition of your nails,”

Consider our minds blown!  Check out the video below to hear even more about Kate’s expert nail tips— trust us, hearing the fashion icon talk is treat enough.

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