Kate Moss (& Mosstock) Earn the September Issue of Vogue!

We heard rumors about the possibility that Kate Moss would cover the all important September issue of Vogue, but held back on full excitement so as not to be disappointed should it not become reality.

But now, we can fully engage our emotions, as Kate’s cover is confirmed!

And just as we suspected, it is her quickly approaching nuptials that will take center stage in the glossy. While her last Vogue cover was surrounding the creation of Topshop in the US, this issue and feature give special attention to Kate’s person life, giving the world a peek into Mosstock! Reports placed Mario Testino as the supermodel’s wedding photographer, but he was actually booked by Vogue, to shoot the cover story. (We hardly think Kate’s complaining, given their relationship.) He’ll aim to capture of all things romantic and lovely between Kate and her future husband on their special day.

Modelinia will be stalking newsstands until we have this issue in our hands - as should you!


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