Kate Upton's Curves Inspire Their Own Pop Song!

In a matter of a year’s time, Kate Upton has managed to make the near impossible transition from buxom bikini babe to high fashion stunner, thus securing her a place among fashion’s brightest stars.  It was only a matter of time until those from outside the fashion world took notice of the blonde bombshell’s stardom, or in this case, her voluptuous curves.

Just in time for the holiday party season, British singer Victoria Aitken has announced the release of her latest song that cites the model’s famous curves as the main source of her musical inspiration.  Fittingly titled “Body,” the track pays homage to Kate’s stunning figure, as well as her sky-rocketing success among the fashion ranks, despite the slew of naysayers along the way.

“Body is for all women,” Victoria explained.  “This song is for the ‘Kate Uptons’ and how they are changing the way we should feel about our body, and she should be celebrated!”

After taking notice of Kate’s crossover from swimsuit modeling to high fashion editorial work, Victoria wanted to conduct “lyrics to a song that truly embrace moving freely,” adding, “this song is for all women, no matter what their size.”

And this isn’t the first time that the pop singer has found inspiration in some of fashion’s most buzzed about figures, as she has previously cited androgynous model Andrej Pejic in her earlier runway hit, “Fashion Boy.”

“Dancing is about feeling free, having no inhibitions and just moving on the floor without any restrictions,” said Victoria.  “And is seems fashion is going that way.”

Kate Upton jams that we can all dance to— count us in! The new Kate inspired tune will be released on the German dance charts in the New Year, but you can check out the song here just in time for the holiday fun!

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