Dangerous Creatures Make For Beautiful Clothes At Kimberly Ovitz Autumn/Winter 2013

It’s safe to say Kimberly Ovitz will probably never be inspired by something like say, Paris or the color blue because the California-born designer is much deeper and more complicated than that.  We can truly see the thoughtfulness behind her collection from conception to its reveal.   This time around, the focus was on the illusional protection systems seen in animals and insects, think squid ink, poison dart frogs and sea anemones.

The theme was translated into metallic fabrics, otherworldly colors, and layered textures all complete with amazing coiled hair, sky high platform wedges and some beautiful silver necklaces and ear cuffs from Ovitz’s jewelry collaboration with Shapeways.  And while defense mechanisms are meant to ward off prey, pieces like the woven crossfire print finale gown (upper,middle), couldn’t keep us away if we tried.  Luckily for us, we got to catch up with Kimberly backstage to learn more about her line as well as the first piece of clothing she ever designed.  Check out the full interview below:

What is the inspiration behind this collection?  It’s natural defense mechanisms.  I studied animals and insects and their innate protection systems.  I looked at the exoskeletons and I transformed it into looking like armor.  There’s a lot of vivid colors that look almost dangerous.  I looked at poisonous frogs and other creatures whose color say “don’t touch me”.

Were you looking for anything specific when casting your models?  I just want them to look strong.  The usual girl that I like.

The hair look is really interesting.  Where did that vision come from?  I wanted it to be protective and helmut-looking so we explored a few looks and this one kind of won!

What is the first piece that you designed?  Do you remember it?  Yes!  I was little.  It was a black matte jersey viscose thing that had two spaghetti straps and was a super minimal with a halter shape.

Do you still have it?  I do!

What do you think makes a woman beautiful?  Natural beauty.  No make up.  Being yourself.  Confident.

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