Kristen McMenamy's Daughter Will Make Her Runway Debut in Paris!

Kristen McMenamy reached supermodel status in the ’90s when she graced the leading international runways, and now it looks as if her daughter is set to follow in her high-fashion footsteps!  The 18 year-old Lily McMenamy will make her runway debut during Paris Fashion Week as part of the Next Models’ roster.  What’s more, the rising young model is said to have landed a major exclusive with one of the headlining designers, more specifically, with Saint Laurent Paris.

Although just a rumor, it’s a top model role we wouldn’t doubt for a second considering her mother’s work on the Chanel, Dior, and Prada runways back in the day.  With those kinds of supermodel genes, its highly likely that Lily is set for a major runway moment in Paris this week, and quite possibly, even a few campaigns to go with it.  Like mother, like daughter right?

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