Lily Cole, Op Ed Extraordinaire

Though we’d much prefer to live in a world without poverty, political issues, or negativity, the undeniable fact of the matter is that today’s environment is full of conflict and drama. And while members of political parties through all forms of government are working their hardest to make this a better place to live, public opinion and op-ed writers are changing the viewpoints of individuals all over.

Hence our focus on the impressive article in The Guardian, written by Lily Cole. As a current student at Cambridge, she has a direct attachment to the issue of tuition increases, as well as a brilliant insight into the center of the issue. We’ve picked out a few of Lily’s best points, but really, the entire article is a must-read.

“I feel so sad to think that we are about to lose what I regard as one of the country’s most wonderful and enviable assets. I have always been proud when I tell my American friends how little going to university in the UK costs (at least compared with the American system); that there is relative equality of opportunity because all universities and courses cost the same amount; that had I not been fortunate enough to get plucked “from obscurity” (whatever that obscure word means) and thrown into the surreal world of dresses and dollars I could still, from my modest background, have aspired to a higher education at one of the best universities in the world.”

“Making the finance of education an individual, rather than social responsibility, undermines the value of education to the country and the economy, and also means that every British graduate henceforward is obligated to embark on their adult lives with the oppression and responsibility of a large debt. Isn’t a culture of debt the thing we are trying to move away from?”

“Of course, it is complex and I’m not trying to suggest that I have the answers. But when we start cutting, isn’t it a question of priorities? Isn’t there a better alternative and ought it not be explored first?”

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