Lindsay Ellingson Takes Valentine's Day VERY Seriously

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Lindsay Ellingson knows what she wants. “I put a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day,” the Angel told us this morning at the Victoria’s Secret Soho store, “but my dream Valentine’s Day would be where my boyfriend surprises me and takes me ice skating and then we go see a Broadway show.” Good thing her boyfriend seems to have things covered. “This [year] my boyfriend is going to cook for me and I’m excited because I’ve never done that before,” she said. Though the menu is set to be a surprise Lindsay says he’s quite the chef so it’s bound to be a success.

As for gifts, she seems pretty easy going. “Valentine’s Day is all about showing love so it’s important that guys put some thought into it. Anything from a card to something from [Victoria's Secret] is a good way to go.”

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