Little Things About Liu Wen

Over the weekend, models were streaming in and out of Victoria’s Secret, prepping for the fashion show and trying on their otherworldly looks. Modelinia caught up with Liu Wen during her fitting to chat about her position as the first Asian model to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “For me it was so surprising and exciting,” she said. “The first time I heard the news, my booker told me, ‘Congratulations, you booked the Victoria’s Secret job!’ And I was like, ‘Really? You’re not joking?’ I was so surprised because everyone wants to wear the Victoria’s Secret clothes. I didn’t think an Asian girl would get this job!”

Of course she’s a little bit nervous to make her big debut for VS. “I’m so scared because this is a really big job with huge supermodels! Two days ago I watched the 2005, 2006, 2007 shows, and I got so excited because I want to try different poses. It’s very sexy, but I’m so scared because I don’t know how to do the sexy poses!”

But we have faith. And while she practices her poses and prepares for the Thursday extravaganza, her two outfits are spectacular. “I love my outfit! I think the look is just very sexy and my look is so different, really cool, like a big ship.”

Here’s a few more tidbits about Liu: Right now she’s all about Lady Gaga. “Gaga Gaga Gaga!” she said. “Everyone thinks the McQueen clothes are crazy, but I think they’re amazing. The shoes are very uncomfortable, but as a model you need to look like they’re comfortable.”

She’s all about scary movies, loves Hanne Gaby Odiele’s style, and is contemplating her future careers. “I want to try acting maybe!”

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