Longboards and Leis with Elite Models

© Patrick McMullan

Wednesday night Lord & Taylor was taken over by models, longboards, and leis. In celebration of the launch of Elite Longboards, the agency had a few of their models design their own; the special boards are for sale, and the proceeds will benefit Women in Need. Alongside margaritas and skewers of chicken, guests viewed the designs that ranged from scans clipped from magazines to paint to handprints and peace signs. And while Coco Rocha didn’t lend her creativity to the project, she did come to support her fellow models and show off her brand-new hair color.

© Patrick McMullan

“We walked into the agency and they gave us stickers and markers and everyone felt like they were five again,” said Daramis Lewis of the experience. “It was great!” As for her inspiration? All about smiling. “The theme says always remember to smile because with everything we go through, people always forget to smile, that there’s a tomorrow. And it says smiling is the best medicine and you don’t need to pay for a smile.”

Here is Darmaris’ longboard. See more images of the longboards here, here, and here.

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