Makeup Tutorials from Jessica Stam!

Image via Pat McGrath Twitter

Image via Pat McGrath Twitter

Summer’s only halfway finished, but we already have a major reason to look forward to New York Fashion Week.

On Sunday, Jessica Stam and Pat McGrath took to Twitter to tease their latest project, and to say we’re excited is an understatement. As it turns out, the makeup pro and brilliant beauty are working together on a collection of How-To videos for CoverGirl, which will debut in the coming weeks as a lead up to Fashion Week. Pat Tweeted the above picture, along with a little comment that reads, “Behind the scenes!! Shooting major how-to videos with  and 

But thanks to a Tweet from the CoverGirl account, we’re assuming the How-To videos are just the beginning. The makeup brand said, “Stay tuned for more news about @patmcgrathreal latest #covergirl collaboration at New York Fashion Week.” What that future news entails is still a secret, but we’re hoping for a serious collaboration with Jessica.

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