Meet the Newest Model Blogger

As of late, more than a few models have joined the social media world, and between Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs, the Internet is full of model citizens.

During the holidays, Maggie Rizer decided jump into blogging and launched her very own site called Bea Makes Three! As expected, given her unending adoration for all canine creatures, Maggie’s dogs receive prime placement on the blog. While Henry and Albert were already a part of the model’s life, Beatrice is the latest member of the family - a wedding present - and therefore the title of her blog. But in addition to her puppy love, Maggie is providing the world with an intimate look into her life - complete with personal pictures, tidbits, and news! From her three updates, it’s clear that she’ll be continually updating her fans with info from her daily life, so this is surely a page to add to your must reads.

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