Meet Your New Favorite Facebook Game

We know you love Modelinia more than words can explain, and in order to provide you with all the best model news, updates, and entertainment, we’re expanding!

Already you’re a fan of Modelinia on Facebook, are following us on Twitter, stalked us down during Fashion Week to snag a copy of the limited edition magazine, and come to our site on a daily, if not hourly basis. And now, we have another new and exciting item for you.

So, put down the Farmville, and step away from your fishtank. We’ve got a brand new Facebook game that you’ll love. Modelinia is proud to announced that we’ve launched our very first Facebook game, called Supermodel: The Game! Enter the modeling world as a fresh face, and move up in the ranks by completing tasks like Model Boot Camp, undergoing a makeover, meeting with your agent, and making model friends. We partnered with Barbie, Express, and Biotherm to provide your little aspiring models with the best outfits and hair stylings to help them get noticed and become a supermodel!

And to make it even more interesting, we placed a real model inside the game! You’ll find Selita Ebanks‘ likeness as one of the avatars inside, so you can play as if you’re really Selita! We’ve also incorporated a few well-known NYC locations, like the Boom Boom Room and Buddakan, as well as designers like Alexander Wang and Michael Kors! Go play!

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