Miranda Puts on Her Editing Cap

Continuing to prove she can do it all, Miranda Kerr is adding another task to her plate this week: that of guest editor for the Body & Soul pages of the Sunday Telegraph!

The model mom appeared at the paper’s headquarters with her little boy in tow over the weekend, set for a few full days of journalistic work - from editing to writing to critiquing page layouts. Given her experience in the skincare world, her knowledge as a model, education in nutrition, and dedication to healthy living, it makes perfect sense that Miranda would work on the pages surrounding body and soul.

Of her new position as an expert in both topics, Miranda said, “If you have love, first of all love and appreciation for yourself, then you are going to eat healthily and you are going to take care of yourself and exercise. When you do that, you can give so much love to other people because you have the energy to give. That’s what gives me a healthy body and a healthy soul.”

Make sure to check out both the Body + Soul section of the Sunday Telegraph on September 18 and the Fashion Confidential pages of Sydney Confidential from the weekend for Miranda’s hard work!

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