Model-Approved Healthy Snacks for the New Year!

Almost everyone we know has made the New Year’s resolution to eat better. So, what better way to kick off the New Year with some model-approved snacks and recipes you can easily do at home? This food will keep you happy and healthy and looking great well into (and beyond!) 2013. Check out the recipes and the models who love them, after the jump! Green Juices & Smoothies

A favorite among some of the staff here at Modelinia as well as Victoria’s Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson and juicing queen Valentina Zalyaeva is green juice! Both simple green juices as well as super food-packed green smoothies are always popular among those trying to eat better.  Not only will these smoothies and juices guarantee that you are getting more fruits and veggies into your diet, they are also packed with nutrients and other goodness that will keep your energy up. Did we mention your skin will thank you, too? The anti-oxidants in greens like spinach work wonders to help repair dead skin cells, making you look more young and feel more rejuvenated.  For a quick and easy recipe you can do at home, click here.

But, if juicing isn’t really your thing and you still want to get your daily dose of green, check out Jessica Stam’s famous Kale Chips. You won’t be disappointed!


Eggs are versatile: no matter if you like them scrambled or hard boiled, eggs are filled with omega-3s and other good calories that your body craves.  Alessandra Ambrosio likes her egg whites with a side of tomatoes and avocado which is a perfect breakfast when you want to look great but not sacrifice taste. Click Here for a full list of even more Healthy Egg Dishes.

But, if you are feeling more sinful in need of a cheat day,  you MUST check out these slow-cooked cheesy (but without cheese!) scrambled eggs courtesy of  Chrissy Teigen’s blog, So Delushious.

Smaller Snack Options:

If you are looking for simple things to increase your overall health, look no further than Miranda Kerr’s shopping cart. That girl knows that it is the details that make the difference.  Her smaller snacks help your body stay fuller longer, are raw, organic or just simply benefit you, body and soul! Some of her staples include: Coconut Water, raw dark chocolate, Noni Juice, almonds, Acia Berry Powder, raw honey and Chia seeds.

Healthier Comfort Food:

But as the weather gets colder and you’re craving your favorite foods, there are ways to give your comfort food staples some updates in the health department. Molly Sims has some great tips on her blog on how to transform mashed potatoes into a healthy dish. The new mom says: “…lying in a food coma after dinner is one feeling I’m not a fan of—and traditional mashed potatoes always seem to leave me feeling sluggish. Luckily I’ve found four great ways to take some of the guilt out of this guilty pleasure!”

Here’s to an amazing and healthy 2013!


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