Model Christmas: Our Favorite Holiday Editorials

Finally!  Christmas is here and while you run towards the tree and rip open your long-awaited presents, don’t think for a second that Modelinia would leave you empty handed.  In addition to our love for models and the beautiful editorials that they help create, we also love the holidays.  So what could be better than the ultimate combination?  From a very naughty Heidi Klum in a classic Abercrombie and Fitch cover, to a baby Kate Moss framed by colored Christmas lights, we have rounded up the fashion spreads that fill us with a little extra holiday cheer.  We’ve got all the reindeer ears, falling snow and winter fur that your heart desires!  So while you cradle some hot cocoa in your hand, as you wear as many of your Christmas gifts at one time, take a look at our favorite Holiday Editorial below:


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