Model Confidential with Bar Refaeli

2012 was the year of Bar Refaeli!  Not only was she named #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100, but we also got to see our favorite model try her hand in design with her amazing under.me lingerie line and show her comedic chops with her hilarious Funny or Die video.  And already in the new year, Bar has given us a major reason to tune into this year’s Superbowl, since she is appearing in a commercial for GoDaddy.com on the big game day!  Luckily for us, we got to catch up with the very busy beauty and find out everything from her inspirations and life lessons to her upcoming Superbowl plans and what we can expect from Bar in 2013.  One thing is for sure, she is not going anywhere!  To find out what the new year has in store for Bar, check out our interview below:


What was it like branching out from the modeling world into fashion design and acting? Do you have a preference?

I am a model, that’s what I do best. I have many years if experience and I love my job! But I feel very fortunate that I can also try other things such as acting and branch out to other businesses as well. This job and the fact that I became famous doing it, is giving me many opportunities to try different things and ‘taste’ all kind of new experiences I never thought of.

What lessons did you learn in the modeling world that you continue to use in your life?

To always be nice to everyone!!  Or maybe it’s the other way around- I learned that first and used it in the modeling world.  It’s hard to know what came first because I started at such a young age, but I do believe it’s one of the most important things in life- to be nice to the cab driver, to the ‘water girl’ on set, to the assistant, as well as the director, photographer and client!

Who are some other successful businesswomen that you look up to?

I see how Heidi Klum, Kathy Ireland, and Cindy Crawford all branched out.  All these girls really maximized their careers alongside having families and always looking like they’re having the best time.  I admire people who push forward, who use what they have, who are ambitious and successful but never forget that being a human being comes first.

You are by far the most-traveled model we know!  Do a lot of the places you visit inspire your work and personal life?

The places I go to make me feel very lucky each and every time.  The inspiration they bring keeps me doing what I do, even if at times this job can be very tiring and hard. I love taking people with me whenever I go to special places!  Whether it’s a family member or a friend, I love sharing this gift I was given and being able to enjoy these wonderful trips I’m given with people I love.

Do you have any other passions in addition to fashion design and acting?  What else can we look forward to in 2013?

I’m going to take my drumming a bit more seriously!  I started to learn a year ago but because of travels, it’s been pretty hard for me to improve.  My 2013 New Year’s resolution is focused mainly around my private life- I want to learn another language, read more, and take University courses.  But of course, I am not going anywhere! You will still see me around, a lot!

Do you have any big plans to watch the Superbowl?

I might go to see it!!  Although, I will be very happy to sit at home and watch it.  Of course, so I can watch my Go Daddy commercial, which I’m very excited about!


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