Model Confidential with Heidy De la Rosa

Puerto Rican model, Heidy de la Rosa, knows a thing or two about looking good (evidence above) and luckily for us, she’s sharing secrets!  Although now, Heidy travels the world with model friends like Chanel Iman and heats up magazine pages, the beautiful model recalls a time of awkward youth.  Well, those days are long gone and now the ocean loving model is sharing everything from her obsession with coconut oil to her big plans for this year’s Coachella festival.  Check out our interview below for everything Heidy:

We love that you are from Puerto Rico!  What are the 3 things you HAVE to do when you go home?  Puerto Rico is so beautiful.  I’m blessed to call it home.  I need to first and foremost see my family/loved ones, then enjoy a delicious home cook meal made by my mom and after it’s time for the warm water year round beach. It doesn’t matter what time it is, you can find me swimming in the ocean at night as well.

What is the craziest location you have ever shot at? Anyone that knows me knows I DON’T like cold weather.  I shot at this beach in Australia during their winter and had to get in the freezing cold water.  That was so crazy to me but we got the shot!

Who are some photographers that you are dying to work with?  It would be wonderful to work with Mert & Marcus and Steven Meisel.

What do you feel most comfortable modeling: high fashion, ready to wear, swim or lingerie?  I’m comfortable in my skin especially growing up on the beach so I must say swim and lingerie.

Did you always know that you wanted to be a model or is it something that just happened?  It definitely happened. In middle school I was so not cute. Kids made fun of me. I was a mix between tomboy/nerd with crooked teeth. But THANK God for braces and contact lenses. Whole new better me, then when I started high school people would mention that I should model.

Which iconic models did you look up to early in your career?  Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bundchen.

What are some beauty products you swear by?  WATER! Drink lots of it. Keeps you skin glowing and your body healthy. I also like to maintain my skin silky soft. So I shave my legs with COCONUT OIL, then right after my shower on towel dry skin I apply COCOA BUTTER OIL with 15 SPF and then COCOA BUTTER LOTION.

You looked so amazing at last year’s Coachella Festival with Chanel Iman and we read on your Twitter that you will be returning!  What are a few bands on the lineup that you are looking forward to see?  Aww…Thank you!  We had a blast.  Tell you the truth I don’t know many of the artists and bands that will be performing this year. But I LOVE music so its going to be a great opportunity to discover and listen to a lot of new sounds. Will definitely be looking forward to seeing 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Wu-Tang Clan, Cafe Tacuba and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

What are a few festival fashion items that you can’t step on the fairgrounds without?  For me is all about being comfortable on those desert long hot days. I need my sunglasses, comfortable footwear, cross body bag, hat and my Theodora and Callum scarves. They are perfect when it gets a bit chilly at night I just wrap myself with it or when I get so tired of running around I lay it on the grass and rest on it.

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