Model Heide Lindgren Stays Focused On The Basics With A Models 4 Water Fundraiser!

Heidi Lindgren joined by fellow model supporters- Bill Chin Photography

When modeling pals Heide Lindgren and Georgie Badiel first sat down to discuss the ongoing water crisis in Georgie’s native Burkina Faso, the women immediately put their heads together to brainstorm ways they could use the modeling industry’s platform as a way to give back to the struggling population.

“A light bulb went off in our heads, and we realized we had to start with the basics,” said Heide.  “Thus, Models 4 Water was born.”

Today, the philanthropic models have continued their efforts to bring sustainable, clean water to the people of Burkina Faso and elsewhere with a Models 4 Water hosted fundraising event benefiting their latest partnership with Thirst No More and The Water Project.  For the cocktail party and silent auction held in New York’s Sag Harbor, Heide and Georgie were also joined by some fellow international top models:  Julie Henderson, Jarah Mariano, Michelle Vawer, Sonia Dara, Lisa Seiffert, Meki Saldana, Austria Alcantara, Jessi M’Bengue, Allie Rizzo, Caroline Codd, Grace Bol, Dalad Kambhu, Dinara Chetyrova and Kristen D’Angelo. The quarterly fashion model “fanzine,” LOVECAT Magazine, and Kathy Rego designed luxury collection, Cabe, sponsored the A-list event, with 100% of all the money raised going directly to bringing sustainable, clean drinking water to those in need.

Heide Lindgren- Bill Chin Photography

We caught up with Heide at the cocktail party to talk a little bit more about her organization. Here is what the model had to say:

What have been your goals for the project this year?

To raise awareness about the water problems in Burkina Faso and all over the world. We also aim to highlight the many models that give back to the water cause. Whether a girl gives up her birthday for the charity, runs a race to raise money for the cause, or travels to a country where the water problems are bad, we want to document that.

We see you rounded up your model friends to host the event. How did you think it turned out- did you achieve your goals for this event?

It was so wonderful to see how many girls were willing to come out and support us. The girls really care and their presence certainly allowed us to accomplish everything we did. Models 4 Water couldn’t exist without them!

How can everyone help your project?

Everyone can make an effort to educate themselves about the water problems going on in the world. And of course, donating to the cause is what puts things into effect at the end of the day.

Visit the Models 4 Water website to learn more about the cause, as well as The Water Project and Thirst No More for more information.

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