Fashion Flashback: Vintage Footage of a Rare Kate Moss Interview!

In the past few weeks alone, we’ve learned more about the previously impenetrable Kate Moss, than we have in years of searching high and low for a glimpse into the supermodel’s personal life.  What began with a tell-all interview in Vanity Fair last month to promote her intimate photo-biography, has had a domino effect of sorts on the model, who has since auctioned off personal photographs of her first sitting (sold for more than double of what was expected), along with plans for a forthcoming documentary.  In light of the recent personal revelations, it looks as if this “new” Kate Moss is far from enigmatic, but then again, maybe she never was.

Net-a-Porter has just released raw footage of a young Kate backstage at a runway show early on in her career, and perhaps in true Kate Moss fashion, the supermodel opens up to the camera, all the while charming her audience with her sweet demeanor and adorable English accent.  While Kate confesses to the reporter that she feels a tad short standing next to the glamazons of the time, we’re treated to flashbacks of the model’s early days, and the moments that would soon make fashion history.  But “it’s good fun,” as Kate puts it, and in between talking about that memorable Calvin Klein shoot with Marky Mark and trading in London for New York, you can catch a glimpse of a star being born.

Watch the full video below for some retro Kate Moss action!

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