Model Rules by the Divine Miss J

After watching him graciously give advice to aspiring models as a coach and judge alongside Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model, Miss J Alexander is unforgettable to say the least. Which is why we weren’t surprised when he told the audience at his book signing last night that he wore “Hercules makeshift sandals from a pair of broke down Converse [with] bottle caps on the soles” to get that perfect heel-sounding effect to his first job interview!

Not only does Miss J share hilarious childhood stories in his new book, Follow the Model, but he also offers tips and tricks for the everyday woman on how to achieve the grace and poise of a supermodel. As a style mentor, Miss J advises to always feel comfortable in what you wear and, obviously, take risks. But as always, his bittersweet words sneak back in: Fashion is for everyone, but trend is not.

And though Miss J now struts around in dashing designer threads—he confesses Alexander McQueen is “brilliant” and one of his faves—he admits that he still designs and alters his own clothes. And with a mind as fabulous as his, how could you not?

For more of Miss J and his priceless personality, and to stay on top of all the new models, tune into America’s Next Top Model tonight, and be sure to purchase his new book! ~ Kristen White

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