Modelinia Catches Up With Erin Heatherton as She Prepares For The Victoria's Secret Show!

With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just around the corner, you can be sure that all of your favorite Angels are currently hard at work preparing for what is, without a doubt, THE sexiest day of the year! Since we can hardly wait until December’s heavenly performance, we decided to spend some time catching up with one of our favorite Angels, Erin Heatherton, to get the scoop on how she’s preparing for the stage during the final weeks leading up to the show, what she thinks of this year’s headlining performers, and more!  See what Erin’s been up to lately in our interview with the lovely model below!

1.) The Fashion Show is only a few weeks away, how are you preparing for the show?

To prepare for the show I’m getting tons of rest, drinking lots of water, and eating really clean, unprocessed foods. I try to do more daily face masks and body scrubs so my skin is hydrated and glowing on the runway.

2.) How do you maintain a healthy diet during this time?

In the morning I drink a smoothie with bee pollen, kale, brown rice protein, gogi berries, frozen acaii, and coconut water. The rest of the day I stick to small meals of protein and lots of greens.

3.) Do you have a favorite go-to snack?

When things get hectic before the show a smoothie or a green juice is a great go-to snack to nourish my body

4.) How do you get yourself in shape for the show?

I love doing different body resistance exercises with my trainer Justin Gelband. He knows how to give me curves in all the right places while toning and lengthening others. I also run and do yoga with Lynn Duffy to keep up my flexibility and inner balance when things get chaotic.

5.) Any favorite artists that you keep on your workout playlist?

Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kayne West, Robyn, 2 Chainz, The Black Keys, Madonna, SIA, the Kings of Leon!

6.) Are you excited about this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performers? Are you a Justin Bieber fan like Candice and Karlie?

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the performers this year. I’ve never been so excited to walk in the show, the energy is going to be explosive. I’ve wanted Rihanna to do the show since I first started! Her music inspires me so much and she’s going make the show sexier than ever!  And who doesn’t love the Biebs and Bruno Mars…it really is going to be a great show, I can’t wait!

7.) Who would you like to perform at next year’s show?

I want the Kings of Leon to do the show!

8.) Speaking of performers, we heard that you recently took part in the Global Citizens Festival.  How did you get involved with the benefit concert?

When I first met Hugh Evans (co-founder of the Global Poverty Project) over a year ago, he shared with me his vision to live in a world without extreme poverty. His passion, dedication, and the success of his organization inspired me to immediately start volunteering my time.  As a huge music lover I was very interested in helping him to organize the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. The Global Poverty Project has been able to use events like the Global Citizen Festival to spark a rapidly growing global movement of individuals with the same vision that Hugh passed on to me. Together we can end extreme poverty within our lifetime.

9.) Were you a big fan of any of the musical acts?

The lineup of the concert was a dream to me! I had never seen Neil Young perform live, and I’ve been listening to his music since I was in high school . I know Patrick, from The Black Keys so, not only am I a huge fan, but I was actually on vacation with him and his wife Emily a few months before the show. Emily and I volunteer for the GPP and we made it our mission to lock The Black Keys into the lineup. We nailed it! Great team effort on that.

10.) What was it like introducing John Legend?

Introducing John Legend was a huge honor! He was a surprise performer and it was really special to be the one to share that with the crowd. Everyone went crazy, it was really fun!

 11.) What was your favorite moment from the event?

My favorite moment from the event was standing onstage with Hugh right after I spoke. I was in total awe of all the hard work of the GPP and was so proud to be a part of something so monumental. They were able to bring 60,000 people, amazing performers, and the leaders of incredible organizations all together to raise awareness about global issues.



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