Modelinia Exclusive: Georgia May Jagger's Designer Moment!

As the face of Hudson jeans, Georgia May Jagger has quickly become a huge member of the family and in addition to lending her face to the denim brand, she’s now lending her design sensibilities and creativity to collaborate with the line! Modelinia spoke to head designer, Ben Taverniti about the upcoming creations from Georgia May Jagger.

Georgia May Jagger’s been a part of the Hudson family for a while now. How did the idea of the collaboration begin?

It was a natural evolution. As the face of Hudson, the collaboration was logical for us. She has a real interest in fashion, art, and design, and was fully involved in the project. The collaboration really came about in casual conversations with her. She’s very creative and has a passion for fashion. It all just seemed to ‘fit’.

What was the process like? Did she come with ideas and sketches or did you brainstorm together?

She immediately came in with so many great inspirations, ideas, and sketches. These jeans are all based on her influences growing up around modeling and rock ‘n roll. We added the technical design expertise to make sure the jeans fit in all the right places.

Which parts of her personal style are infused in the collection?

She is effortlessly stylish, temptingly rebellious, rock n’ roll chic.

What was your main goal for the collection?

Our first priority was to execute a jean that she would love and would want to never take off - that was our focus from the very beginning.

Also, we wanted to create something that was a true reflection of our relationship with Georgia and to have it be real up to every last detail. Even where the design meetings took place was a reflection of our working relationship. The first meeting was in London, where Georgia is from, and the second meeting was in NYC, where she is now pursuing art, and our third meeting was held in LA, where Hudson calls home and where all of our jeans are manufactured. It was very important that Georgia was intimately involved in every detail of the creation process. She participated when it came to the fit, fabric, wash, trim, etc. She was engaged in the project from the very beginning and I think it shows in the final product.

Hudson jeans always have those design elements that make them special like zippers down the back. What additions did Georgia have to keep up with the aesthetic?

Georgia brought some great ideas to us. She loved the rock and roll aesthetic, looking back to bands like Guns ‘n Roses. She signed off on every last detail. She also had a great understanding of the fit she was looking for and made a product she loves.

What were design meetings like?

The design meetings were really natural and easy. In the initial meetings we discussed ideas and tons of sketches that she had done, materials, etc. and from there things naturally progressed. It was important that the dialog was organic and that it developed and was not forced. Over the course of several meetings, we got a better understanding of what she wanted. The last meeting was in LA where we took Georgia into the factories and she got to see every step in making a jean.

What would you love to see for the future of Georgia and Hudson?

That this is only the beginning!!

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