Modelinia Exclusive: In the Design Studio with Jessica Stam and Rachel Roy

Yesterday, Modelinia had the exclusive opportunity to visit the Rachel Roy showroom for a design meeting with Jessica Stam to discuss their new upcoming capsule collection, which will be sold at Macys. If there’s one thing you should understand about this partnership, it’s that both parties are extremely invested and dedicated to ensuring that their creations will be both fashionable and made to perfection, as well pieces the ladies will be proud to place their name alongside.

Before the duo even met to discuss options, Jessica did her homework. She sat down with piles of magazines, snapped pictures of girls whose street style she loved and filled her notebook with ideas. Add that to her own personal favorites from her closet, and Jessica showed up to her first meeting with Rachel holding a notebook flowing with style ideas.

They narrowed down the capsule collection to just a few well designed pieces which embody Jessica’s style flawlessly: a boxy checked sweater, a pair of jeans with buttons down the ankles, a quilted bag, and a belt. “The pieces are very much what I wear most days,” Jessica explained of their decision. “They’re very specific to my style.”

For their meeting on Wednesday, Jessica arrived in a pair of bright red skinny jeans and a vintage rocker t-shirt, paired with super high ankle booties. And from the second she walked in, it was all business. Rachel and Jessica immediately sat down at the long conference style table to review patterns, textures, buttons, hang tags - each and every intricate detail of the design. In order to completely understand each piece, Jessica played dress-up, and tried on each and every item, posing in front of the mirror to critique and discuss with Rachel. “Getting to try it on is the most fun part,” Jessica admitted.  During the hours long meeting, the pair chewed over options, weighing the benefits of different styles, but joked with the entire Rachel Roy team like old friends.

As for her own collection, we’ll have to wait and see. “Possibly in the future,” Jessica said, “but for right now I’m just focusing on this and seeing where that takes me. I definitely have my own style, but it’s cool to learn about the garment industry. I like designing and learning the business aspect of it. I’ve learned a lot from Rachel about always staying true to your own style. It’s so important for me to love this collection. Rachel always says, if you don’t absolutely love it and it doesn’t represent you, then we won’t launch it. It has to be you. It has to be 150% I love it or it’s not worth it.”

Expect to see the collaboration hit stores in the Fall. ~ Bianca Posterli

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