Modelinia Exclusive: On Set with Georgia May Jagger!

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On Wednesday, Modelinia had the exclusive chance to spend the day in one of the most perfect ways possible - on set with Georgia May Jagger and Hudson Jeans! Though the studio in Brooklyn was sweltering, considering the rapid arrival of summer in NYC, the smiles were contagious as excitement was in the air. By the time we showed up, Georgia was already in hair and makeup, staying cool with massive fans throughout the venue. Before long, the photoshoot began, but in between takes, Georgia upped her social media presence by snapping camera phone pics for the Hudson jeans Twitter account and their brand new Instagram page! Uploads from Georgia May decorated the Twitter page all day long, ranging from a quick pic of the Harley Davidson motorcycle she was set to pose upon, a mirror image while having her hair done, not to mention a fun little video of wardrobe using the brand new app, Viddy. (Side note - we give our kudos to Georgia May and the Hudson team for their social media knowledge.) During lunch, we had the chance to chat exclusively with Georgia about her brand new campaign which draws inspiration from Andy Warhol’s screen tests of his friends including Dennis Hopper, her scholarly plans in London, apartment shopping, and her wishes for the future of her collaboration with Hudson Jeans!

As the face of Hudson for the past few seasons, this experience has to feel like coming home. What do you love most about shoot days?

In fashion you’re often moving around and there’s not very much consistency with people you work with, so it’s nice to have that relationship, to feel like you aren’t an outsider and you can actually have a say and like look at the photos and you don’t feel like you’re getting in the way. It’s a collaboration now, to put all the lines together, and it’s really great to see everyone again.

How do you prepare so that you always bring new inspiration to the shoots?

We discuss the concept beforehand and look at the pictures and everything. We get a mood board a couple of weeks in advance, and we start thinking about it. They obviously try to mix it up- keeping the aesthetic, rock and roll, black and white. I think this season is focused on one main video, so it’s really exciting. It’s gonna look great. We did lots of fun dancing, rather than just being sexy.

You’re planning to study photography in the fall - would you ever share your work as a photographer for Hudson?

I would love to! As soon as they give me an opportunity I will jump right in! *Hint hint!*

If you could set up your dream photoshoot for Hudson jeans, what would it include?

Oh My God! Well I’ve tried to discuss that we should go on… I basically want an excuse to go on vacation. So I would love it to be somewhere really like outside and somewhere really beautiful. My dream…I don’t really care as long as it’s beautiful somewhere none of us has been, so this way we can all have a trip together.

You recently joined Twitter and posted a video as one of your first Tweets - how do you feel about the takeover of social media?

I think I’ll definitely continue with it. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I think everyone is with that kind of stuff. I think Twitter is quite good, because it’s not the same as Facebook. You don’t have to share more than you want. Also, I like that you can read stuff that other people have written, interesting things and videos and you can like repost them as well.

What are your plans for the summer? How are you taking advantage of your last weeks in Manhattan?

Right now, I’m just going back to London - I’m going to school in September - and I’m going to start looking for a place to live there, so that’s my plan right now. I think I’m looking in Notting Hill right now, but I am going to go to Glastonbury Music Festival.

What three destinations are you dying to visit?

One is India- I have never been; I really really want to go. I want to go to Cambodia and I want to go to New Zealand. I wanna see all the sheep - they filmed Lord of the Rings there which is really cool. So I can go there and pretend to be in LOTR… Watch all three at once if you feel like it [in one big sitting] I did it- it’s wrong. Nine hours.

How do Hudson jeans make you feel when you wear them?

There is something for everyone I think, and that’s a really good thing about it. There are different cuts for everyone. For me I really like the cut, like this pair I’m wearing right now. I definitely love these; they’re slightly higher and they are really thin. For me it’s not about sexy; it’s about the really comfortable and the ones that I can wear all the time.

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