Modelinia Exclusive: Speed Skate Away with Doutzen Kroes

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As the child of two speed skaters who met on the ice rink, supermodel Doutzen Kroes was fated pick up the sport as well. Though she’s moved on to modeling and left her international competing to the side, Doutzen can certainly hold her own on the ice. Just check her records! Though Fashion Week and the Olympics take place at the same time this year, we could hardly forget about the sport excitement!

What was it like growing up on the ice with your parents? Do you have a favorite memory?
I always loved speed skating! I started pretty young on the ice outside and when I got older I started practicing indoors three times a week. My parents had to drive me there, and now I realize how busy I kept them with all of the driving back and forth! I had a great time and was very competitive when I was very young. I was so focused—no partying or going to bed late or drinking for me! But when I started modeling I stopped speed skating.

What’s your best speed skating record?
I still have to ask my mom for these numbers!!
500 meters: 42.9 seconds
1000 meter: 1 minute and 20 seconds
1500 meter: 2 minutes and 10 seconds

How did being a competitive athlete prepare you for the modeling world?
I love working out, being active, and taking care of my body. Since I already had a healthy lifestyle, there was very little change for me.

Since you and your family have always spent so much time on the ice, give us your best winter beauty tip.
You cannot moisturize your skin enough! The cold dries it out and creates wrinkles—enough said!

Tell us about the first time you met Apolo Ohno. What was it like shooting with him for Vogue?
It was great! He does a different kind of skating called short track, so we talked about speed skating the entire day. He was so much fun to work with!

Which athlete are you rooting for in the speed skating event during the Vancouver Olympics?
Sven Kramer, of course! He’s an amazing speed skater, but also a good friend that deserves to win everything! Nobody can beat him!

What’s your viewing plan since you’ll be at Fashion Week during that time? DVR?
I will have to DVR it or watch it on the Internet!

All women have issues with staying stylish in the cold weather. Do you have any tips for staying stylish while also staying warm? Any favorite new fashion finds or tips for layering?
To be honest, when it’s really cold—like it has been in New York City as well as Europe this winter—I don’t care that much. I just want to be warm! So many designers have beautiful cashmere sweaters and my favorite thing is to layer a few at a time. I also love the Heat Tech line of thermal tops and leggings at Uniqlo.

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