Modelinia Exclusive: Welcoming Joan and Arizona to the David Yurman Family!

David Yurman learned that it’s pretty difficult to stay away from the allure of New York City. After shooting previous campaigns in StBarths, the brand is undergoing a bit of a Big Apple love affair this Fall, and decided it was time for a return to the city streets. And with said return comes two new models to serve as the face of the brand: Joan Smalls and Arizona Muse, along with their male counterpart, Jon Kortajarena!

Modelinia had the opportunity to pop by the set last week to preview the latest vision from the iconic jewelry brand, which included more than a few memorable moments on the city streets. From Nolita to Wall Street and Chinatown to the waterways surrounding Manhattan, Joan, Arizona, and Jon embraced all things NYC related while showing off the latest gems from David Yurman. “It’s a girl’s dream to be part of David Yurman,” said Joan of her newest role. “The pictures are so iconic, every time you see them, they’re historic. It’s with Peter Lindbergh so of course you know you’re going to have an amazing black and white picture. I’m excited and thrilled to be part of it.”

Given the endless picturesque locations in the big city, David Yurman employed a roving set to take advantage of the rich urban landscape. Arizona described her favorite moment of the day’s work, which turned out to be an interesting pairing of sitautions. “We shot in a fish market, with all these fish flopping around, so it was really juxtaposed to the diamonds that I was wearing,” she said. “We’re shooting in different parts of the city and bringing a different feel, but it’s still very much a beauty story about the jewelry. For me, wearing this stunning jewelry elevates anything you’re doing. So if you’re in a fish market, you don’t feel like you’re in a regular fish market. It doesn’t feel normal; it feels very posh but in a down to earth way.”

From the glimpses we were afforded, that posh feeling rings true through the campaign. Elegant floor length gowns make their appearance in Little Italy, highlighting the latest brilliance from David Yurman. As a concept, it’s immediately though provoking, as each little nook and cranny of the city holds a different feeling for each of the island’s residents and tourists, considering the millions of moments made in one day.

No matter the amount of time anyone has lived in the city, everyone feels an attraction to the very distinctive location for one reason or another. While Joan appreciates the constant commotion, Arizona finds comfort in the hidden bits of Williamsburg, where she calls home. “I’m really happy there. I love walking around if I have the day or afternoon off. I’ll walk around with Nikko, just hang out, walk into the little shops or hang out in McCarren Park.” As for Jon? He plays favorites with his West Village neighborhood and Lure Fishbar in Soho to curb his sushi addiction.

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