Models Share Their Summer Plans

It’s hard to imagine models’ lives getting any more glamorous – photo shoots, fashion shows, need we say more? Find out what fun, fabulous outings these gorgeous girls have on their calendars this summer.

Sessilee Lopez
My summer plans are all over the place right now, but as soon as I get some free time my boyfriend and I are going to Turks and Caicos. Outside of a tropical vacation I’m throwing my puppy and myself into some hardcore obedience classes!
Liu Wen
I haven’t vacationed in a long time, especially with my parents. So I plan on going somewhere with them…perhaps the city of San Ya in China (Very similar to the US’ Miami). I really want to just turn off my cell phone and get away from the internet so I can read books in print format, drink some fresh juice, and eat great Asian barbeque with mom and dad…that would be the most wonderful time!
Chrissy Teigen
I’ll be spending my summer vacation taking care of my new puppy and introducing her to my wild little life while she’s still young :) Also working on my swim collaboration with diNeila Brazil swimwear and prepping to launch it at Miami swim fashion week!
Linda Vojtova
This will be one of the most exciting summers ever for me!!! My only brother is getting married in August in my birth place Prague, Czech Republic. I will spend my summer vacation there with my family and my boyfriend Jamison Ernest. I am also planning a trip to the South of Czech to show my boyfriend a gorgeous city called Cesky Krumlov. Have a great summer!!!
Erin Fee
For my summer vacation I am traveling to Croatia. I will fly to Debrovnik and meet my sister and my friends from school. We are going to spend a few days there and then work our way up the coast to the north of the island. From there we will get a transfer to the Island of Pag for a music festival. It is all DJs of house music, dubstep, and drum & bass. It is perfect because I have my “chilled out” beach holiday in which I will spend exploring Croatia along with a party and music festival too.
Michelle Alves
This summer, besides spending time outside, getting a tan and organizing my house, I want to have quality family time, rest my body and mind, eat well and have fun! I just spent a week on a boat in the South of France, no kids, just me and my husband. It was liberating and very romantic. I almost didn’t know what to do with so much time to myself!
Genevieve Morton
This summer, I am going to Ko Samui, Thailand. I plan on relaxing and enjoying the warm tropical climate. Hopefully I will be able to snorkel!
Constance Jablonski
I will be on vacation the whole month of August! I will start in Ibiza for a week, then one week driving around in the south of France, then another week in the north of France to see my family and friends, and finally a few days in northern Italy to see the gorgeous “Lago di Como” before coming back to NY. I am gonna take in some sun…just relax and have a lot of rest, enjoying the beach, visiting the neighbors, play a lot of sports, and just have fun with my family and friends!
Sophia Lie
I’m going to a little town in Norway called Krago! Krago is where I have
spent every summer since I was a baby. My family and all my friends have cabins by the water, so it’s so much fun there during August and July. I’m also planning a trip to Biarritz, France where I hope to learn how to surf. I was just there and fell in love with the amazing waves!
Kelsey Close
I’m going to spend my summer vacation going to the beach, grilling, and eating at my favorite food carts around the city. I think I’ll be in new york most of the summer, but I might make a short trip to California and Anchorage, Alaska (my hometown) to visit my parents and even ride my polar bear!
Marcella Sbraletta
I will spend my summer here in NY working and enjoying what “the city that never sleeps” has to offer me! There’s always so many fun things to do in the city. As a typical Brazilian, I love the beach… so I may spend a few days by the ocean. Since it’s now winter in Brazil, it wouldn’t be so much fun to go back this summer.
Nicole Trunfio
I’m traveling through the South of France on a boat and spending quiet time in a secluded house in Capri! I love the landscapes and old architecture there. Every wall and footpath hides secrets of seduction.
Natasha Belobrovik
My summer vacation will be spent at home. At home there’s my friends, family, and the beach! My big plan for this summer is to study at a University. Right now, I’m studying because I need to do well on the exams. After studying, I’ll be free to spend all my time at the beach. I don’t enjoy reading on the beach, I more prefer talking with my friends or listening to music. I’m going to be so excited when all my exams are finished! Studying is very important for me this summer, so when I get through it, I’m going to enjoy summer full time :)
Byrdie Bell
During the summer when I’m not working I spend most of time in Connecticut. I have other friends with houses out there or I’ll have city friend’s come out to visit. We play tennis, lay by the pool or go to the beach.
Quiana Grant
Because I’m a summer baby/beach bum and not really into traveling anywhere far, this summer I’m exploring the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. according to Dr. Stephen Leatherman aka Dr. Beach. So far my plans are to visit Siesta Beach, Sarasota FL, St. George Island State Park, FL, and Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, NC. I also plan on spending time with my family.
Katlin Aas
I don’t really have any plans for vacations, since not going to school is my vacation. But if I had to pick a place to have my holidays, it would definitely be in Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean.
Gwen Lu
For summer vacation I’m going to a two little islands in Greece which have names that aren’t easily recognized & remembered by some people; I want to take photographs of the people who I meet on the island & the beach, and I want to count the stars in the sky at night.
Bekah Jenkins
I am spending my summer vacation relaxing at a lake house near my family home. There, I’ll go horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, etc.
Sophie Srej
I will have a little trip to Niagara Falls, Hamptons, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland & maybe Mauritius. Planning on relaxing, reading, lots of sleeping, hiking, & spending time with friends & my boyfriend.
Jessica Pérez
I hope to take a beach trip to Montauk, go tubing on the Delaware river, visit the town of Jim Thorpe (and stop by flea markets along the way), go to a batting cage for the first time, play lawn games at local parks (ladder ball & Kubb), and make Latin food on my birthday.
Tiiu Kuik
Michelle [Buswell] and I (And our boyfriends and some friends) are actually going to rent a cabin by Muskoka Lakes in Canada in August, and we’re having a 70s themed cabin week. So everybody will dress 70s and play 70s music and so on…random!
Julia Kravets
I’ve spent half of my summer in London and Paris, developing my book, and unintentionally growing as a person. It’s incredible how much being on your own, and having to interact and live with complete strangers from a million different backgrounds can teach you about yourself. More than ever before, I feel more cultured and in tune with everything around me.
Carola Remer
I’m spending summer vacation with my family from Germany. We’re are flying from Vancouver, CA down to San Francisco. From there we will take a car through California to Los Angeles and then over to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. My Family has never been to America so we’re going to see as much as we possibly can! After touring the West Coast we’ll fly to New York so I can show them my new home. I plan on taking them to Niagara Falls too! I’m really looking forward to spending time with them because I haven’t seen them since Christmas. That’s the best way I could spend my vacation!
Sara Ziff
Still working out my summer plans, but I know for sure that I’ll be going to the Delaware County Fair in upstate NY. The prize pigs are my favorite! I go every year.
Tatiana Pajkovic
This summer I am recording my EP, “The Lovely Liar EP”, which will be out September 2011.
A lot of the summer will be spent in the studio. Spending a week in Namibia, Africa later this month… I’m hoping to see some wild lions and elephants.
Kelly Mittendorf
I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan as a Youth Ambassador. Essentially, I’m staying with a host family in order to learn about the culture here. I’m staying for two weeks and then I’ll get the chance to host a student from Taiwan for two weeks back home! We’ve gone to a few museums, traditional restaurants and night markets. Anywhere to really get a feel for the culture here.
Najla (One Management)
This summer I’m going to different parks in the city and a lot of restaurants in the East Village for iced drinks.
Cintia Dicker
I will try to spend as much time as I have on the beach…I hope I will have some time to go to Tulum in Mexico, because it’s paradise for me! Overall, just stay outside as much as possible to enjoy the sun!
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
I’m spending a weekend in the states at my grandparents’ farm with all of my family. We are about 23 total, and we all sleep in tents outside their house. It’s a big huge mess each time, but so much fun! Ahh family!
Anna Speckhart
I’m headed to Corsica with a few girlfriends, a fishing trip with Dad, and a quick trip back home. Hoping to have lots of time to relax, read, bond with loved ones, and cook dinners for my family.
Alyssa Miller
I’m actually taking my summer vacation right now! I’m in Carpenteria, California - it’s only a few freeway exits south of Santa Barbara. I grew up at this beach, so it’s always fun to come back and hang out. I’m going to hang out with the family, relax at the beach, hopefully do some surfing, and eat lots of yummy food! I am also planning on doing a cross country drive from California to New York. It will take two weeks to explore the country…stay at little motels, eat some BBQ, take pictures, and go on adventures! I want to see the Grand Canyon! I’ve never been!

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