Naomi Brings Fashion for Relief to Japan!

Both New York and London have seen iterations of Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief runway extravaganza, but now it’s Cannes’ turn!

The supermodel will host another edition of the Fashion for Relief event along with ItalianVogue editor Franca Sozzani at the Cannes Film Festival. In order to support the tragedy in Japan, all proceeds are set to be donated to relief efforts for the country. In addition to the fashion show, Naomi is also organizing an art auction to take place on May 16, meaning she’ll appeal to both the fashion and art worlds in order to raise funds for those in need in Japan.

With the sheer number of models who regularly make the Cannes Film Festival an even more beautiful place to be, not to mention Naomi’s obvious ability to draw more than a few of her friends to help out, we’re expecting a supermodel studded event for her latest Fashion for Relief!

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