Natalia to the Rescue

Companies in trouble could take a bit of advice from Etam when it comes to money issues. The solution to all economic problems is as brilliant as hiring a supermodel.

After closing down its UK stores in 2005, the clothing and lingerie brand focused on its presence in the rest of Europe, and then requested the assistance of supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Once she came on board to design and model for the brand, Etam enjoyed an insurgence of decadence and high fashion thanks to Natalia’s image. ”Etam’s lingerie has been completely revamped and is now a leading part of the brand.” a spokesperson said. “Whereas before Etam was the go-to place for reliable basics, it now has a completely new product range in terms of higher quality and style, and will be the only affordable sexy, sophisticated French lingerie brand in the UK.”

Now, Etam is set to re-launch in England with an online site, undoubtedly thanks to the power of Natalia. It’s interesting to note the direct correlation between the model and brand. The role of a model is more than just a memorable face - she holds an undeniably important position in upkeeping and maintaining a designer and brand appearance.

If only our college business classes included examples such as this.

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