Nicole Trunfio Masters the Art of Fine Jewelry

Australian beauty Nicole Trunfio has proven herself not only as a supermodel, but also as a designer with the launch of her second collection for TRUNFIO JEWELS. During this past New York Fashion Week, we had the opportunity to visit the newly opened showroom, located in a historic landmark building at 60 Reade Street in TriBeCa. While Nicole is the face behind the fine jewelry brand, she is also completely hands on with her collection, proving to be a true designer force.  From manufacturing in the studio below her showroom to approving pieces to perfection, she is without a doubt an integral part of the entire process. Like a true master of her craft, Nicole explained that she puts her heart into each piece and loves sending them out into the world when the process is complete. We even witnessed her at her jewelry bench designing and overseeing her production and are here to give you the full scoop of the multitasking model at work!

How is the designing your own pieces different than modeling or doing a campaign for a brand?
It is very different because when you design and have your own line, you begin to understand the modeling client’s perspective. I put so much of my heart and soul into pieces, so now I am able to see how much designers put into the production of their campaigns. As a model, I end up being the make or break for the shoot in which the designer has put so much thought and time into producing.

What were some of the challenges with creating your own line?
The most difficult part about creating your own collection is that you are putting yourself out there and taking a risk. I am also modeling so I have my name and reputation to uphold. I can understand why designers have anxiety because you are putting so much of yourself into the collection, and then you put the pieces out into the world with hopes that people will like them.


What is the meaning of your signature piece, the Universe Bracelet?
The Universe Bracelet is a way of empowering women. The pyramid symbolizes strength, so when you lock the bracelet at the top with the pyramid you are locking in your strength for the day. You can choose your charm based on your feeling for the day. All the charms are designed for different feelings and are meant for an ever-changing spirit.

Did you choose any of the materials for the charms based on these concepts?
I picked the stones that I thought had the most universal meanings. For example, the snowy quartz represents innocence and looking at things through a child’s perspective.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?
The Universe Bracelet in gold is my favorite, but it also comes in rose gold and platinum. These retail at high prices upwards of $12,000 but you can mix and match the silver bracelet with more expensive charms to customize based on your budget.

Do you view the pieces of your collection as gift items?
Yes, especially the heart Universe Bracelet. Everything about this one, even opening up the packaging symbolizes love to me.

Check out more of Nicole’s gorgeous fine jewelry at www.trunfiojewels.com!

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