Oprah's Hosting the Supermodel Legends!

Oprah just launched her own entire network - because she’s Oprah and obviously has the power to do so - and already has a massive cult following.

And now, she may very well have the love and adoration of Modelinia.

This morning, a few interesting Tweets came across the Twitter-wire, from models including Veronica Webb and Beverly Johnson! While the latter commented, “Heading off to Chicago today to shoot @TheOprahShow. So excited!,” Veronica shared a few more details. According to her short snippet from Twitter, she’s on set with Oprah, filming a supermodel show!

A quick peek at Oprah’s upcoming lineup reveals a episode guide for February 4th - just a few days away! It promises an all-star lineup and the ultimate supermodel reunion, boasting memories of catwalk moments and a look into the impressive careers of supermodels, as well as a tour inside Christie Brinkley’s home in the Hamptons!

Set those DVRs now!

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