Own a Miniature Miranda Kerr!

The iconic Barbie doll has been around for years, consistently updating her look and career path while becoming BFFs with little girls all over.

Now, Barbie’s enjoying another makeover, in the likeness of a few well known models! Supermodel Heidi Klum already has her very own miniature doll, but it seems that a few of the models from down under served as inspiration for the newest collection!

Four of the twelve dolls in the Barbie Basics Collection were designed to look like Australian models Miranda KerrAbbey Lee KershawElyse Taylor, and Catherine McNeil. ”It is aimed at a fashion consumer and a consumer who’s going to be aware of the kind of girls like Miranda Kerr, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil who are working and dominating the pages of fashion magazines,” explained Robert Best, Barbie principal designer.

With the infusion of models from Australia, it makes perfect sense to duplicate their image in doll form. Hopefully Barbie will continue with the model inspiration!

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