Oz the Great and Powerful Conjures Up Puppy Love and Model Beauties!

It may only be Wednesday, but we can already tell you what’s on our agendas this weekend.  Disney’s Oz: the Great and Powerful hits theaters and you better believe that we’re busting out our ruby slippers and gingham for this one!  From the magical world of Oz to the flying monkeys and of course, the film’s endearing life lessons— say it with us now, “there’s no place like home!”— there is a LOT to love about the original Judy Garland version.  But lets face it, as sweet and beautiful as Judy’s Dorothy is, we can’t deny that the real star of the classic film was always and forever will be Toto!  That little pooch had our hearts melting from the start, and something tells us we probably weren’t the only ones gushing over this little guy back in the day.

Taking a note out of Dorthy’s own book, today’s top models wouldn’t be caught anywhere without their faithful companions by their side.  From afternoon lunch dates to the 2013 Super Bowl, models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice SwanepoelLara Stone and Anne Vyalitsyna tote their furry friends around like fashion’s best accessory and we for one can’t help but swoon.  Ahead of this weekend’s Oz premiere, we’re taking a look back at all of our favorite model and puppy pals to hit the scene since Dorothy and Toto started the trend way back when.  From beach pals to snuggle buddies, see all our favorite top model beauties and their beloved furry friends in the slideshow below!

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