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Model with a Mission: Kim Snyder

By Fabiana Santana

It’s not every day you meet a model who not only earned a degree from Georgetown, but from Oxford too. Or has started her own cosmetics line and is a certified nutritionist, yoga instructor, and raw food chef. Meet Kimberly Snyder.

She’s the face of countless ad campaigns for clients such as Target, Asics, Diesel, and Everlast; she’s also the girl contorting herself into various poses for the current Chelsea Piers Campaign. But Kim’s amazing beauty and physique are not the only reasons we love her. She’s a model with a mission, and she really hopes you come along for the ride.

“Some of the most profound things in the world are simple at their core,” says Kim. That’s a fact of life she learned while traveling around the world not one, but two times. She was living and working as a model in Sydney, Australia, when she made the decision to take off on a trip that would last three years and find her living in tents, bungalows, hostels, and basically out of a backpack. “I had a couple of jobs in Asia, and I got the travel bug in a very bad way. So I took off on a spontaneous journey on my own that took me overland over 50 countries. It was amazing! Though I was alone, I never really felt ‘alone,’ and I always trusted that I would be okay—and I was.” During her travels, Kim studied about natural health and beauty and became fascinated by skincare. “I believe that beautiful skin is the universal sign of beauty all around the world.”

Kim studied local health and beauty practices every step along the way, accumulating in-depth knowledge of indigenous traditions and put it all to use as soon as she returned to the States. She founded Envision Beauty, a beauty company that creates the most effective products sourced from the best ingredients from nature and science. “We don’t use harsh synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or fillers to save money. Every ingredient in our products has an important purpose.” To further the point, Kim partnered with Project Concern International, a charity that focuses on sustainable humanitarian projects here in the U.S. and across the world. Some of their projects include helping women through microenterprises in Africa and India, building clean water wells in Africa, and providing emergency medical relief in Asia and South America. Says Kim, “They keep administrative and fund-raising costs to a minimum, so the maximum of donations goes to the people that need them. I believe in them 1,000 percent.” So much so that 10 percent of all of Envision Beauty’s net proceeds are dedicated to them.

Kim’s lifestyle also reflects her belief in all things natural. She is a highly sought-after yoga instructor (she helped Jessica Biel get her kickass bod) who studied with yoga master Dharma Mittra and a vocal member of the Living Foods Movement, training under Dr. David Jubb, a pioneer in cellular nutrition and natural healing. She is also a certified nutritionist and raw food chef. Her blog chronicles her cooking skills on the sets of TV shows and movie productions. She was a contributing editor for the best-selling book Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness (Rodale 2008), has written skincare articles, and has been featured in numerous national publications including Cosmopolitan, Domino, Glamour, and Marie Claire.

Kim’s worldly journeys changed her life in every possible way. “I learned to value what was really important in life, and I learned how little I needed to be happy. Also, I can really feel the innate connection between all beings on Earth. I would travel anywhere, and could instantly feel connected and at home with new people in any place. Because of this, I learned to love others unconditionally.”

Kim and Envision Beauty are partnering with Saks Fifth Avenue’s Fashion Valley location on Thursday, May 7, to celebrate moms; proceeds from the event will go to Project Concern’s programs that support women and mothers worldwide. Photos from Kim’s three-year journey will be on auction, and the evening will also feature in-store shopping discounts, free gifts, complimentary martinis and hors d’oeuvres, desserts by dazzleM desserts, and an Algodon-hosted wine bar as well as a Mother’s Day trend presentation in which mother-daughter teams will model several designer clothing lines.

Visit for more details.

Watch Kim’s slideshow of photos here.

[Ed note: Kim Snyder is no longer affiliated with Envision Beauty. - 10/4/10]

Scott Lipps Snaps for Modelinia

A little present arrived in our in-box this morning that was just too good not to share. Scott Lipps from ONE Model Management attended the Met’s Costume Institute Gala to support his iconic models and took Modelinia along, snapping pictures from the evening. He’s one lucky guy, getting to pose with Eva Herzigova and Claudia Schiffer for a personal photo on the steps of the Met! Here are his favorite memories of the evening:

I think to be in the presence of such inconic models and have the pleasure to work with them for so many years has been great. I started ONE with the intention of working with the biggest models and celebrities and doing branding, contracts, and brand management and it has been great to see how it’s grown. Claudia and Eva looked incredible that night and it was great to spend some quality time with them.


Our table was Edward Enniful, Grace Coddington from Vogue, Patrick Demarchlier and his wife, Darren Aronofsky, Rachel Weiz and me with Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova. My favorite part of the night was seeing so many amazing people in one room. You can see all the pictures online but to have Bono, Madonna, Kanye West, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Jack White, Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, as well as all the amazing models, and designers. Every table was a who’s who of the entertainment business. 

To socialize with the very top of the entertainment field is great. We spent some quality time with the new CEO of LVMH and that was super interesting. Plus, Edward Enniful and of course Eva and Claudia.

The exhibition was great and I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks for sharing, Scott!

Paulina Porizkova’s Musings from the Met

After sitting in a damp car waiting for an hour for our opportunity to exit, the red carpet stairs of the Metropolitan Museum were as welcome a sight as they were an intimidating one, lined with paparazzi and TV crews and bathed by flashes of lights as copious as the rain outside.

Rachel Weisz was on the stairs before my husband and I, and all cameras were turned on her. Behind me, a tiny, punk-inspired Selma Blair pulled up in her car. I think I may have been asked to step aside by the paparazzi so they could get a better shot of them, but I was so confused I smiled and waved at them instead. I clutched my husband’s hand. My peach Halston dress, which seemed like such a terrific choice in hot weather, was wet on the bottom, pulling the top sideways in a most awkward manner.

Once we finally reached the top of the stairs, we stood in another line: this one for the reception, where we got to shake hands with tiny, dry Anna Wintour, a healthy and ruddy Marc Jacobs, the always beautiful Kate Moss, and pale and sweet Justin Timberlake. To my enormous embarrassment, I mistook the humbly smiling Justin for a waiter and almost omitted shaking his hand. Another climb up another set of stairs, and another couple of miles ahead, we finally arrived at the actual exhibit. Had I known how far I had to walk in my brand new Manolos, I might have chosen to wear flats. Or sneakers. I saw many a model in her highest heels sigh in despair as another gorgeous hallway stretched before us. Navigating the endless corridors swarming with long-legged beauties dressed in the most exquisite evening gowns was not unlike finding yourself in a palace filled with brilliantly colored dragonflies. Beautiful, but also slightly disconcerting. It’s easy to feel like a moth next to all that glittering litheness. Not that any of my peers looked anything but beautiful: Iman, regal as always, in an elegant silver gown, sexy Cindy in peacock-blue Versace, Claudia radiant in a black cutout gown. The actresses among the models were the butterflies among the dragonflies, bright, fluttering, and slightly more earthbound. Where the young models drifted, barely displacing the air, the actresses laughed, chatted, and charmed: Anne Hathaway, tiny and shiny in purple; Kim Raver in classy black; Elizabeth Hurley, a vision of a garden at dusk in her rose gown.

Jack White and his stunning wife Karen Elson stood in front of a life-size set of the famous photo Dovima and the Elephants by Avedon, both dressed in black and white, chatting amiably and ushering people to the entrance of the exhibit. The exhibit itself, although interesting, seemed to me—after all the glitz and glamour in the hallways—to almost pale in comparison. Or maybe I was just bummed I wasn’t featured more. It was Carol Alt who pointed out the fact that cover models of the early ’80s were altogether missing. Kelly Emberg, Kim Alexis, Carol Alt, and Isabella Rossellini: the women who were my peers and on every cover throughout the early ’80s were erased from fashion history, me included. I suppose it wasn’t an interesting enough time in fashion history, but don’t blame me (and Carol) for feeling a tad bitter.

It may have been the most glorious moment in fashion history, with the most beautiful people gathered under one spectacular roof, and the party of all parties. I have certainly never attended its equal. My husband and I snuck out right before dinner; it was our 25th anniversary and we had other celebrating to do.

~ Paulina Porizkova

Brooklyn Decker’s Musings from the Met

Brooklyn Decker with Derek Lam

This was my first Met Ball, and it went beyond my expectations! It was an event that everyone at the top of their field attended. From legendary designers like Donatella Versace and the lovely host Marc Jacobs, to amazing supermodels from the past and present (Cheryl Tiegs, Gisele Bündchen—the list goes on and on). Let’s not forget the amazing musicians, actors, photographers, and artists!

To be invited by Vogue was such an honor, and I hope not the last time (wink wink!). My date for the evening was the super gracious and talented Derek Lam. He dressed me in an embellished jumpsuit and amazing Lucite heels. Plus the Tiffany diamonds dripping all over! It was truly wonderful and so much fun just to go all out for one night, surrounded by such movers and shakers in the business.

My table included Derek Lam and his amazing life partner, Liya Kebede and her ever-so-sweet husband (he was snapping pics of her all night, just so proud and in love). All of us came from all over the world, and somehow the table mixed perfectly.

The exhibit was so fascinating. As a model, I’m obviously biased. But it truly captured past and present supermodels, complete with vintage magazine covers, classic ensembles worn by all the greats over the years; and I can’t forget the spectacular music!! (The Who, Nirvana—talk about high energy!)

Fun fashion moments: I saw a ton of Balmain, bringing the shoulders back… Regardless of how many people wore it, it still looked like a one of a kind on each of them. Also, Elizabeth Hurley had this stunning dress with an enormous train… Her sweet husband was trailing her just apologizing for how much space it took up. It really was beautiful!

The event was so wonderful, and I really connected with the theme. We’ll see if they can top it next year! It’s tough to top perfection, however, I have no doubt that they will.

xox Brooklyn Decker

Arlenis Sosa’s Musings from the Met

Arlenis Sosa in Alberta Ferretti

The Met Ball was amazing last night!

I am so honored that Vogue invited me, and I had such a lovely time with my date for the evening, Serge Jureidini, the president of Lancôme. As a model, it was especially exciting to be invited this year to “The Model as Muse.” Models are important to help define eras in fashion and pop culture. My favorite part was when Rihanna got on the stage with Kanye. The exhibition was beautiful and everyone was talking about all the beautiful dresses. It was all so surreal and magical!

~ Arlenis Sosa

Modelinia’s Celebration of “The Model as Muse”

Michael Loccisano/

Could the Met’s Costume Institute Gala end without a party from Modelinia given the theme of this year’s event, “The Model as Muse”? Hardly.

Once the pomp and celebration of the gala was over, everyone headed to 1Oak for the Modelinia after-party, hosted by Margherita Missoni to benefit OrphanAid Africa. The space was decorated with those candy hearts and coasters with little Modelinia phrases, like “Because models don’t get enough attention” and “You can’t airbrush personality.”

Among the first to arrive were Brooklyn Decker and Arlenis Sosa, who quickly took up residence on a couch by the fire and discussed the amazing performance they’d just watched. “Bono introduced Kanye who was then joined onstage by Rihanna!” said Brooklyn, who was daring and followed the jumpsuit trend of the year. She explained her outfit choice, saying, “I usually wear sexier body-hugging clothes, but I wanted to be cool tonight so Derek [Lam] and I put this together. It’s a little unusual for the Met!” Unusual, sure, but amazing.

She wasn’t the only one to go a little bit bolder this year with her sartorial choice. Short dresses were allowed for once, and Joy Bryant said of the lengthy issue, “It was really nice to not be in a long gown!” Arriving with her designer date Rachel Roy, she threw a jean jacket over the Rachel Roy nude silk strapless minidress with embellished bodice.

Everyone was clearly beyond excited and ready to party after the huge musical performance they had just experienced at the Met. Once Siri Tollerød and Ali Stephens joined the group, the duo joined Brooklyn and Arlenis and took to the main floor to dance to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”

Lucky girl Siri was still wide-eyed with excitement, explaining, “This was my first [Costume Institute] ever, so for me it was the best one!”  The four girls joined Coco Rocha on the dance floor, who was a vision in her gold Isaac Mizrahi dress with flaming red hair, and seriously getting down with Isabeli Fontana. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld took up residence in a booth, while Francisco Costa literally bent over backwards dancing with his girls Isabeli and Siri.

Late night, Doutzen Kroes, Karolina Kurkova with Richard Chai, Hilary Rhoda, Jason Wu, Thakoon, and Magdalena Frackowiak came to join the party. But Chanel Iman, the girl who refused to tell anyone what she was wearing in the days leading up to the Costume Institute, changed into a short Dolce & Gabbana dress, and summed up the night perfectly: “There was just so much energy and everyone had so much fun.”

Michael Loccisano/

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