Liya’s Look for J.Crew

Modeling with an exclusive, but also providing designs for the same brand? Not a large feat when for Liya Kebede. Not only will she grace J.Crew’s April catalogue, but she’s the first model to have an exclusive with the company. And to sweeten the deal, Liya’s handmade children’s clothing line, LemLem, has been picked up by the company’s children’s division, Crewcuts (available in April). Liya has certainly made the most of these two months, as she started off the spring opening Balenciaga in Paris this month in March.

Top of the List

This season’s runways of New York, Milan, and Paris are long over, but we have countless editorials and ad campaigns to look forward to in the upcoming months before couture.

In the meantime, let’s break down a few “list-icles” of the top newcomers of the season:

The Moment narrowed down their top four:
Auguste Tomasuite for those tears, Alla Kostromicheva for her precision, Rose Cordero for her undeniable power walk, and Karolin Wolter for her rebound after falling at Hervé Léger.

Illustrator Andrea Marshall and COACD had a different spin on their top ten, matching each girl with their face twin. Some pairings are hilarious, some are super random, and others are just spot-on.
COACD chose their order:
# 1 Tao Okamoto, #2 Hanna Rundlof, # 3 Madisyn Ritland, # 4 Dorothea Barth, # 5 Jac, # 6 Alla Kostromicheva, # 7 Karolin Wolter, # 8 Lyndsey Scott, # 9 Elise Helene Gatschene, # 10 Gracie Carvalho.

The Cut named their ten new favorites before the season even started, choosing:
Ymre Stiekema, Hyoni Kang, Stephanie Carta, Rose Cordero, Daniela de Jesus, Georgie Baddiel, Nimue Smit, Eden Clark, Constance Jablonski, and Emma Maclaren.

We’ll leave The Moment and COACD to duke it out, since they were divided between Rose and Gracie as to who’s the new Grace Jones.

The only two girls making multiple lists?  Rose (The Cut, The Moment) and Alla (The Moment, COACD).

But, take a look at our “Opening Ceremony” and judge for yourself, based on New York and Milan openers.

Countless Reasons to Love Lauren

Did you know that Lauren Hutton returned to modeling at age 45 (the same year that Kate Moss began modeling at age 15), or that she’s a motorbike enthusiast? How about the fact that she’s wrestled alligators and camped out with African villagers? We didn’t think it was possible to love Lauren more than we already do, but with these fun facts, we’re more dazzled by her than ever.

Hilary Alexander of Telegraph UK met up with the iconic model during Milan Fashion Week. The pair immediately bonded over their age, discussing Lauren’s adamant position against Botox and her recent modeling work. “I did the J.Crew cover recently, my first in 20 years! And do you know what is the best thing? They left my wrinkles in. They didn’t retouch and make me look like a plastic egg.”

She’s all on board for the return of the supermodel, blaming re-touching for the lack of individuality in the industry. “That’s one of the reasons none of the models have personalities like Kate [Moss] or Gisele [Bundchen], any more. All the young ones are retouched so nobody looks individual.” Plus, she states that she started the whole return to the supermodel, when she quit movies and focused on modeling.  

Lauren, we’re in love—all over again!

Kisses from Kate

Those kissing booths at small town fairs have nothing on the auction that happened last night in London. Kate Moss sold a kiss for £5,000 to benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital, making the lucky winner’s dreams come true. And not only will she kiss the guy, but she even added a greater incentive to raise more money when the bidding started to slow down. She offered to wear a police uniform during the kiss! The event, Mummy Rocks, was hosted by new Garrard creative director Stephen Webster, at the Garrard flagship. In total, £50,000 was raised for the hospital, with huge thanks to Kate’s smooch.

Did you notice her outfit by the way? Her YSL blazer is getting serious mileage, as she wore it to two parties after the photoshoot, again the next night to Alexander McQueen’s birthday party, and then to the auction. At least now you know what your wardrobe desperately needs. Three days and four parties later, she’s still wearing it.

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At Your Service: Christie Brinkley and Molly Sims Got Your Back, Kid

Think being a kid is easy? Not always. Each day, children around the world face challenges most of us will never encounter. Help give every kid a chance for a happy, healthy life.

Photo by RD/Leon/Retna Digital

Model Citizen: Christie Brinkley

Organization: Radiation and Public Health Project’s Tooth Fairy Project

When she learned her home was susceptible to old nuclear reactors, model and mother Christie Brinkley didn’t leave town—she stayed to fight.

“The Tooth Fairy Project counts the many ways the nuclear industry affects our children’s health, including infant mortality rates that go up significantly when power plants go on-line, and drop when they are decommissioned.” —Christie Brinkley

Here Are the Facts:

•    Infant mortality has been linked to nuclear reactor radiation.
•    Radioactive Strontium-90 (Sr-90), a deadly element produced by nuclear fission, can be deposited in teeth and can emit cancer-causing radiation.
Why This Org Rocks:

The RPHP’s Tooth Fairy Project has collected over 4,700 teeth, helping scientists understand the health effects of low-level nuclear radiation on public health.

Ways to Make a Difference:

•    It’s not like pulling teeth. Donate baby teeth.
•    Get the facts. Nuclear Information and Resource Service.
•    Do you CARE? Protect your community.

Photo by Gina James / / Retna Ltd.

Photo by Gina James/ Ltd.

Model Citizen: Molly Sims

Organization: Operation Smile

Actress and model Molly Sims happily traveled to Peru on an Operation Smile medical mission.

“One of the best experiences of my life was being part of a team in Peru, where literally in one day, a person’s life is changed forever. You realize some kids and their families have traveled by mule, bus, car, or walked hundreds of miles to get the operation—whatever it takes.” —Molly Sims

Here Are the Facts:

• One in every seven births results in facial deformity.
• Untreated cleft lips and palates cause ear and dental disease, which lead to eating difficulties and hinder speech development.

Why This Org Rocks:

Since 1982, plastic surgeon William P. Magee Jr. and his wife, Kathleen,  a nurse, have performed 120,000 free surgeries to correct facial deformities.

Ways to Make a Difference:

• Shop to save (lives). 2009 Gift catalog
• It only takes OneSmile. Create a web page to raise money.
• Join the club. Start an Operation Smile Association at your school.

Other Orgs with the Same Cause:

•    March of Dimes
•    U.S. Care Network
•    Children’s Miracle Network
•    National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
•    Healthy Child World

Designs by Daul

In case you weren’t aware, Daul Kim has a blog called I Like to Fork Myself, and it’s really quite hilarious. Thanks to a little bit of Internet stalking, we found out that she designed a bag with Coach during New York Fashion Week for the Coach Taste Makers auction. It will be displayed in the April 2009 issue of Korean Harper’s Bazaar, but here’s a sneak preview straight from the creator, Daul. Other designs include those by Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wyclef Jean, and Demi Moore. But really, we think Daul’s is the most adorable, not only because it’s hers, but the design is one we would actually buy. The auction begins on March 20. 

Model Treats at the Movies

Tuesday night, everyone in the fashion industry was focusing on one color, red, for the premiere of the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor, hosted by Quintessentially and Gilt Groupe. Countless models turned out to celebrate the famed designer, including Coco Rocha, Anja Rubik, Helena Christensen, Karolina Kurkova, Agyness Deyn, and Hana Soukupova. Stay tuned for full coverage on the event, but in the meantime, here are two interesting tidbits of news to tide you over.

Chanel Iman made a late entrance, with designer Jason Wu, dressed up in Look 28 that Eniko Mihalik just showed off on the Fall ’09 runway. It’s no surprise that Jason is a huge fan of Chanel, as she’s been in many of his shows. “I love Chanel. I’ve used Chanel many seasons since I’ve been around,” he said. “She’s one of my favorite models!” When we hinted about the Met Gala, Chanel responded, “We’re gonna have so much fun!” Will the pair be attending together? “I don’t know, maybe!” she said. “We never know. It’s all a secret,” Jason smiled. We’ll take that as a good possibilty.

Another secret that was hinted at last night was Nicole Trunfio’s plan to expand into jewelry design. She paired her BCBG dress with a stunning silver necklace, and we just had to ask who it was by. “It’s coming soon, that’s all I can say,” Nicole said. With some prodding, asking if it was her line, she granted us, “Maybe, mmhmm,” and did let her inspirations out, saying “Life, everything; music most of all. I really love music. Acting, actors, film, culture, everything. I feel like you can find inspiration in every single thing out there.” We look forward to seeing what that transforms into jewelry-wise!