Pantone's Monaco Blue Makes Waves This Winter

Fashionistas love the first few weeks of winter; it’s our chance to show off our layering skills and the new coats that have been hidden away in our closets. Halfway through the season however, our winter wardrobes start to feel like a mush pot of drab: everything black, gray and blue. Black and gray are great, but they’re nothing new. Lucky for us however, blue has taken on a new hue. Pantone’s on-trend hue, blue, is the happiest, most hypnotizing shade of blue you’ve ever seen- not too mention, cold-weather ready. Stella McCartney peeked our interest when she mixed bright blue and tweed in Fall/Winter collection so when it popped up again at D Monaco erek Lam and Vera Wang during New York Fashion Week we knew this color was here to stay. The best thing about Monaco blue is how well it pairs with black- just look at Joan Smalls in that black and blue sweater from Prabal Gurung! Lucky for you it is still available. This gorgeous blue has us swooning and if we’re having a “blue Christmas” this year- we’re psyched about it.

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