Play Dress Up with Madewell + Dree Hemingway

Three things we love, Dree Hemingway, Madewell, and fashion videos come together in this adorable interactive video for the holidays. Viewers are given five seconds to choose between tea with geek chic, Dree Hemingway or coffee with glam adventurer, Marina Muñoz, the brand’s stylist, before entering into a playful room where you can play stylist with each model. Select tea and choose everything from a preppy denim shirt to colorful slouchy socks or go the coffee rout and watch as Marina twists and wiggles into everything from a flouncy, strapless dress to a structured boyfriend blazer. “What makes the video so amazing is that you control it,” Madewell’s head-of-design, Kin Ying Lee said. “You choose every direction the video takes — from what pieces she wears to which party she goes to — the options are endless. It’s completely addicting.” Indeed, we’ve tried out just about every outfit option on both the tea side and the coffee side and not surprisingly now want everything for our holiday soirees!

Get in on the fun here!

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