Praising the Supermodel that Is Gisele

There’s a lot of ways to write an article on Gisele. For example, begin with the fact that at a young age her classmates called her Olive Oyl. Discuss her twin sister. Interview her about her recent wedding.

But we’re kind of loving the way that the Independent wrote their article on the supermodel.

Instead of going directly to the source for the typical information—birthday, family life, beginnings in the industry—they focused on the players that work with Gisele all the time. Photographers. Editors. Creative directors. And what did they have to say about her work ethic? Nothing but praise. Of course.

Lee Swillingham, the creative director of Love also shot Gisele for The Face in the 1990s:
“She inspired designers and photographers in a way that moved fashion on. She’s one of those models who can do anything, and she’s the only one to do it, no one else has managed, so what’s her secret? Her exuberance, her sexiness. She puts the work in and she’ll wait for the right shot, sometimes for hours and hours.”

Nick Knight shot Gisele for her first big ad campaign for Christian Dior in 1998:

“She was in foam from midday till midnight for five days. That’s like a physical endurance test.”
“Where some models take the money [for commercial, rather than editorial, work] and are then embarrassed to enter into it, when she’s decided to do the campaign, she’s 100 percent behind it. If they ask her to say, ‘This is the best lipstick in the world,’ she does. It’s slightly tongue-in-cheek, but you get swept along with her enthusiasm.”

Katie Grand, editor-in-chief of Love:
“The only time I’ve ever seen her say ‘no’—and I’ve made her lie naked on hospital floors—it was midday, 140-degree heat, Death Valley, in a fur coat. She said, ‘I can’t stand anymore,’ but the previous evening, wearing a bikini in a thunder and lightning storm, she’d been fine.”
“You imagine, looking like that, Gisele would be difficult, or she’d be working all the men in the room. The thing is, she doesn’t need to.”

John Galliano:
“She’s a goddess. She has the look, the personality, the strength, the sexy side, yet as well as this, she’s so warm, so likeable.”

Photographer Elaine Constantine:
“Before Gisele, you had a lot of silly cows getting away with a load of bullshit, and suddenly you had girls coming in with this professional work ethic, who were very well grounded. I think younger models aspire to be Gisele rather than anyone else. And she’s probably the ultimate supermodel, really, isn’t she?”

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