Presenting The Full Look at Our London Adventure With Georgia May Jagger!

As you very well know, Modelinia recently made a trip across the pond to join British beauty Georgia May Jagger on the set of her latest Hudson Jeans campaign shoot.  And while we did our best to keep you up to date on all of our London adventures on Twitter and Instagram, we realize that that alone couldn’t possibly do this trip justice.  So today, we’re bringing you the FULL inside look at Georgia’s spring 2013 Hudson Jeans campaign, along with all of the behind-the-scenes action from the London set!

To start, let it be known that this was no ordinary shoot.  In honor of its 10th anniversary, Hudson launched the “Let Yourself Go” campaign with the intent of encapsulating a day in the life of one of the UK’s most recognizable faces as she turned London into her very own playground.  That being said, Georgia made it a family affair of sorts by enlisting the help of her brother James Jagger, who was shot alongside the model for the very first time!  Kicking things off at one of London’s most renowned tattoo parlors, The Family Business— a suiting title if you ask us— the Jagger duo got to let loose for photographer David Mushegain as the first scene saw James pretending to get a tattoo as Georgia laughs— and poses her denim clad behind off— from the sidelines.

What followed was six other shots that saw the gorgeous blonde posing at various London hotspots like Camden Market, Sweetings fish n’ chips joint, and finally at an intimate dinner party that included the model’s boyfriend Josh McLellan— who is also a member of brother James’ band Turbogeist— and model friends Eden, Eleonore and Lizzie.  While each of the sets proved to be a lesson in true London style, the highlight came when Georgia actually took a break from the spotlight and jumped behind the lens to shoot part of the campaign— another first in the model’s career!  Taking up residency at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the rock scion flaunted her photography talents, shooting James and his band mates as they rocked it out on stage.

In between all of the campaign madness and yes, tons of on-set fun, we also had the opportunity to sit down with Georgia for a little one on one time, in which we chatted with the up-and-coming model about her styling tips, design aspirations and what it was like to let herself go for Hudson this season.  Check out our exclusive interview with Georgia below!

You seem to be very hands on with this styling and look of this campaign.  Is this the first time that you’ve had this much input?

Yeah, it is.  Hudson came to London with this idea of making the campaign more about my life, so they came over to my house and went through all of my clothes and sort of raided my closet for it.  We picked out the looks together.  And the jewelry is all mine, as well as the leather jacket and some of the shoes and tops that are in the shots.  For beauty, I think they really wanted me to be myself, but we’ve also been changing it up quite a bit with each set, which I quite like.  I also get to try a lot of different things, like a silver sparkle eye that we did the other day and today it’s black eyeliner and a red lip.

What inspires your personal style?

I don’t really get my inspiration from magazines or anything like that.  I get my inspiration more from going to shops and looking through things, or borrowing things from my mom and sister — that’s kind of how I do it.  And I have things that I love forever and always wear, and then the rest I like to change up and mix in with a lot of my vintage clothes.  But I really love all of my jewelry—it’s my mom’s.  A lot of it is old Chanel from the ‘80s and stuff.  I love all of that chunky ‘80s jewelry.

This is the first time that you’ve modeled with your brother.  What has it been like to be on set with your family?

It’s quite funny!  It’s pretty embarrassing to see each other posing and stuff.  It was nice taking his picture though, but he gets embarrassed because he doesn’t do any modeling, so this is all  new to him.  It’s always nice to work with people you know too, because then you can laugh and giggle and stuff.

You’ve been the face of Hudson Jeans since 2009.  How has your partnership with the denim brand grown since you first started?

When we first did the first campaign, I was really young and I didn’t really know anyone, so it’s quite nice to have done all of this work with Hudson and to have done my own line with them.  We’ve had so many experiences and we’ve gone to so many different places with it, so it’s more relaxing to keep going back to so many people that you know.  And just seeing the campaigns that we did from back then until now, it’s more fun now!

Do you have plans to design another collection?

I would like to!  I would love to design, for Hudson or something else, I would love to do that.  It’s really fun to be involved in that part of the process.

This campaign is also the first time that you’ve stepped behind the camera.  Is photography a passion of yours?

Yeah, actually I think I’m going to get more into assisting now.  I  just finished school in the summer, so this is actually the first time that I’ve done modeling full-time.  Before, I was working part-time because I was going to school like 5 days a week and then just modeling on weekends. so I was doing a lot all at the same time and I kind of had to say no to a lot of things because of exams and stuff like that.  I’ve been doing a lot more modeling lately, but I think after the new year I’m going to try to do more photography and try to mix them together.

What kind of photography have you gotten into?

Well, I do all different things, but lately I’ve been doing portraits of my girlfriends.  I like to make them look more natural though, like no hair or makeup or anything like that.  I actually just shot pictures of my mom the other day, which was really great! She was wearing a red jacket, which looked really cool.  But you know it changes.  I like to shoot wherever I’m traveling and stuff too.

You’ve been shooting this campaign at some of your favorite spots.  What are some of your other favorite London hangouts?

I love to go to all of the markets and look around there.  Especially around Christmas I’ll go to places like Portobello Road and all of the outdoor markets.  And one of my favorite places that I found recently near where I live in the city is this old church. It’s sort of missing it’s roof and it has a park in the middle where the church used to be.  I like to go there a lot with my boyfriend Josh.

Finally, how would you describe your go-to style?

I love wearing my leather jacket with some boots and a pair of jeans.  Also, I love trainers! Definitely more casual clothes lately. I like to dress up, but lately I’ve been having to dress up so much that I kind of just want to wear easy comfortable clothes.  I love that pajamas are trendy right now, so I like to just wear matching pajamas out.  I went to Barney’s and just bought like every clients’ matching pair of pajamas.



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